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Beautiful place


Pamba is the main halting point while visiting the Sabrimala. The beautiful place gets its name from the Pamba River. Tour to Pamba will be a refreshing change for the tourists. Known as a favorite picnic spot, the Pamba is also called Thriveni Sangam as it is the meeting point of three rivers. The Sabrimala Temple is located on the banks of River Pamba.

The best time to take a tour to Pamba is from March to August. The cool winds of Pamba will refresh your senses.

While on a Tour to Pamba tourists also love to know about the history of the place. Pamba was earlier a part of the Pandya kingdom but now all that remains are the remnants of the lost glory. The regions around Pamba were once ruled by the Travancore rulers.

Pamba River is the third longest river in the South Indian state of Kerala and the longest river in the erstwhile princely state of Travancore. Sabarimala temple dedicated to lord Ayyappa is located on the banks of the river Pamba.

River Pamba is considered as the Dakshin Ganga due to its association with Kerala's Largest Pilgrim Centre - Sabarimala.

The River Pamba enriches the lands of Pathanamthitta and the Kuttanand area of Alappuzha District.

Pamba originates at Pulachimalai hill in the Peerumedu plateau in the Western Ghats at an altitude of 1650 metres and flows through Ranni, Pathanamthitta, Thiruvalla, Changanassery, Kuttanad and Ambalappuzha Taluks and finally empties into the Vembanad Lake. This river enriches the Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha districts of Kerala state. Kuttanad, an important rice cultivating area in Kerala gets the irrigation water from the Pamba River. The Pamba basin is bounded on the east by the Western Ghats. The river shares its northern boundary with the Manimala River basin, while it shares the southern boundary with the Achankovil River basin.
Kerala is indeed a beautiful State and its people couldn't be more hospitable. I've fond memories of those sleepy little backwaters. I still have mosquito bite scars to remind me.


Lantern Swinger
BreathingOutOnTheWayUp said:

This is reminiscent of the patter given out by my appointer before sending me to Faslane.....

And you was gotted, sent to |Faslane and then you was gutted :D
Sniffemout said:
BreathingOutOnTheWayUp said:

This is reminiscent of the patter given out by my appointer before sending me to Faslane.....

And you was gotted, sent to |Faslane and then you was gutted :D

If you think Faslane was bad you should have tried percies's paradise camp up yonder. Is it still there? We borrowed the OCTU flag one was not very happy one was not!!! The para stripey challenged us to a tactical road race he had the OCTU nods on a run the night before to build up their fitness levels. We spent the night training on Newquay Brown! It was a hollow victory but we did cheer the OCTU nods in for the good effort they put in.
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