Beasting sessions for Recruits? Your thoughts......

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by watch_and_shoot, Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. Ive started this thread following some comments made on a post in the Cadets Forum.

    What are your views on beasting sessions being used as a method of punishment in the Regs/Reserves? Im of the opinion that as long as a Recruit is not being singled out or humiliated, then beastings should be used as and when required. Its a system thats been in place for years and has various benefits:

    a. It weeds out the wasters and no-hopers
    b. It improves fitness
    c. It installs discipline and reaction to the word of command
    d. It gives Recruits a certain degree of fear (as in: We've got Cpl Bloggs inspecting our kit, fckn get it right or were gonna get beasted!!)
    e. It toughens Recruits physically and mentally (just look at Royal)

    In the madness of this overly Politically correct world, do we really think that Recruits should no longer be thrashed? Obviously the punishment has to fit the crime and people shouldnt be getting beasted for the enjoyment of the instructors, but we have to keep a balance.

    .....................Or we could just ask AQT to play nice and not to be too tough on us :?
  2. Much as i'd hate to get beasted, i think it should still be employed for deliberate insolence and suchlike, not for mistakes. However, i don't think anyone should join the forces and expect not to get punished, whether it's still allowed or not.
  3. Is it something to do with sexual deviation with animals? if so count me in...hoofing!
  4. No thats only the beasting sessions that spenny and other booties take part in.

    *runs. fast*

  5. What like burying kit or tossing it out of the window? I don't call that beasting - that's basic training!
  6. Being an RMC 'Staffie' at Duntroon down under, im very appreciative of the long work that went into getting rid of our serious bastardisation problems.

    A mate of mine was hung upside down over a four story stairwell and a 2L bottle of coke was forced down his mouth, which of course ran straight through and out his nose - a pretty unpleasant experience.

    Another was locked in a small, tiled room, naked, in the middle of winter and subjected to four hours of 'Imagine' by John Lennon blasting through from the next room on repeat.

    It baffles me to think how these practices in any way make us 'better soldiers'.
  7. The term beasting may be a euphemism for sadistic torture or humilation in some cases where the person or persons applying it is/are sick. The number of suicides is a good indication of how this affects some. The toughening up process can be achieved by other more civilised ways I believe and with punishment this too should be possible without degrading recruits to the point of turning them against the service. In this high tech age the men/ women should match the machine with knowledge and intelligence superior to the enemy. This will breed confidence and respect and men / women capable of more than blind obedience. I believe a good guide for this is some form of martial art to include the spiritual as well as the physical side of the art. Maturity ( mental ) and confidence the essential ingredients for todays services. Perhaps martial arts are taught in some areas but I repeat the spritual and philosophical elements of the art must be taught too for maximum results. Just a thought

  8. Ive given you a 5 day head start Smudge, but I reckon Im still gonna catch you!! :wink:
  9. Beasting are either an enhanced physical work out, awarded for substandard performance/effort

    Or an administrative feck about (locker contents out the window etc) awarded for substandard performance effort

    The real aim,in the pure sense (above) is to mentally and physically toughen up recruits and created a shared experience of hardship and develop teamwork

    Isolation of individual recruits, repeated and more unpleasant punishments, dangerous and violent actions have no part to play in "Beastings"

    I can't talk about todays Lympswitz, but when I passed through, beastings were an accepted and understood part of training, which were virtually scheduled into the timetable.
    We all new week x, y and z were going to be a right thrashing and with the knowledge that it would "end" got on with it

    Beasting should not mirror the instructors personal moods, If Cpl X got binned/has his house repossesed/found his wife in bed with the 3badge storeman at the weekend he should not be thrashing recruits monday morning

    A beasting shouldn't really be personal

    When recruits are treated badly, when the punishment fits neither the crime and expectation/perception of what is acceptable, they rightly discover that there are training guidelines.

    Going out on a limb I would suggest that Fair but hard training teams rarely have complaints made against them

    Chickensh+t victimising bullies will eventually get pulled up

    On a personal note my troop Sgt was a fecking Psycho, who hated everyone and everything, no one was safe, no one was singled out and the beastings were almost mythical in their nature. I believe we left a better bunch with little fear of what could be waiting for us in our first unit and our new troop stripeys knew who we'd come from

    Can't agree with the Hobbits "martial arts spiritual and philisophical" hokus pokus sounds very "american warrior spirit" Don't think about it too much just do it you hippy

    Physical courage and team is what its about, everyone should play rugby and box, whether they like it or not lol

    My wifes a stunner and my teas not a salad so I'll leave you to your admin

  10. Mate thats just wrong. Im talking about beasting as in physical punishments to improve fitness and correct attitudes etc. The sort that have been in place for years but now the PC brigade want to stop.

    What you have described is bullying plain and simple. That needs to stop in every branch of the Forces.
  11. At HMS Raleigh in the 60s mistakes on the parade ground were rewarded with a trip around the perimeter of the parade ground at the double with an SLR carried in most cases at the shoulder arms position. This certainly caused a bit of bruising to the shoulder especially after about 4 times around.
    I suppose today this would be called beasting, in those days it was called discipline.
    I had many of these trips during my 6 weeks basic training as did most of my class. No permenant harm and no problems with the GIs after.
    As long as beasting does not go beyond this level I see no reason for it to be discontinued.
    Of course during basic training some were thrown into the static tank and scrubbed with yard brooms, their kit normally followed the enforced bath. This was carried out by other members of the class, always without authorization from the staff and always on crabby bstds who didn't shower or keep themselves clean. One trip to the static tank always brought a change to the offenders bathing habits.
  12. I tend to agree, I had my trips round the ramps at Dartmouth, not that much fun with a Mk4 at the slope, or wose above your head. As ever the borderline between fair retribution for misdemenours and excessive treatment or bullying can be somewhat blurred. The good intstructor can and will tread that line with care, the poor one will blunder from one extreme to the other. Sometimes more dangerous can be the mess self punishment, eg the mess deck scrub, and as befor the god instructor will use this to his advantage but ensure it does not get out of control, used badly it can re-inforce the despair and depression caused by instructor initiated bullying and we have all seen the consequences.


  13. Good post mate
  14. ...and note, it is not depression alone, but the crucial element of despair that turns a depressive individual into a potential self-harm/suicide! I know, I've been there!
  15. I think when a class gets beasted for something you have done wrong is a good punishment. Some Doris kept laughing in squad when we we're practising for our passing out parade. Everyone had to do a load of press ups barring aforemention Doris. Result we scuff up our shoes and she's bottom of the Christmas card list.

  16. Good point too. Dont punish the offender, punish the "team" - it makes said numpty dig out blind to perform and brings the team closer together.

    Collective punishment also brings out the leaders in a group, as they tend to encourage the rest of the team.
  17. I would suggest that such actions as ever depend on the circumstances, to make the maverick conform it is likely to be OK, but to re-inforce victimisation it will almost certainly be bad leading to further victimisation and isolation, the downward spiral to despair.
  18. There is more to this than you are seeing. The idea of her/him not doing the punishment is so that the rest of the class as a group will have words with the perpetrator later. Often these people take more notice of their peers than their superiors.
  19. The Royals did, and were experts in the Martial Arts - you may have heard of the discipline "Hy-Fu-Kyu"

    It was practised down on Union Street every Saturday night!

    Just like good sex - In-Out-Gone! :twisted:

  20. If you're acting the cnut tghen you deserve a beasting. If you are too numb to get the message, then your mates get beasted. If you cant dig out for your oppo's then you're in the wrong business.

    I would estimate that 99% of "beastings" are done with the intention of improving the individual and the team.

    If you take it personally then i would assume that you are in the wrong or at the very least - in the wrong place!

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