Beards, Horses and SWO's

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sceadugenga, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. Hi, I was told at the AFCO that I could keep my beard if I was successful with the Royal Navy app. Brilliant, but is there an un-official taboo against them? I couldn't find any bearded types in any of the literature I was given...
    Is it technically permissible but in reality frowned upon? Similar to the RAF order that you may turn upto work on a Horse and have the SWO stable it for you? One of the Crab lads was desperately trying to arrange that on his last day!
  2. no problem with beards at all, as long as it's a full set and not some craig david fuckwittery.
  3. Even during Raleigh?!
    Lol, definitely a full set, not as neat now as it should be maybe. . Bit of a 'das boot' viking cross thing going on!
  4. Pretty sure it's got to go at Raleigh.
  5. Blast, as long as I can grow it back first bit of leave I get afterwards...
    Cool, Thank you!
  6. Don't take that as gospel mate - I could be wrong, but sure I heard recently that there was a no-beard policy in Phase I.
  7. One of the junior duty rates on my Unit has a beard, I'll ask him tomorrow...
  8. All real men wear beards, and you will in fact be looked at in awe by your juniors and seniors alike for wearing one. Guzzler may be right about Raleigh though.
  9. I'm a little out of date, but when I was last at Raleigh (2007) I saw a class leader with a very impressive full set marching his class round, so unless the rules have changed since then, thunderbeards are go.
  10. Phase 1 and you lose the set (beard).
    You will be doing the Gas Chamber, so a skin (shaven) face will be the order of the day.

    I can't say for Phase 2, but bare in mind you will be wearing Breathing Apparatus for Fire Fighting exercises so expect a skin for this too...

    Don't worry though....I'm sure there's been uglier people than you through the gates over the last couple of hundred years... :lol:
  11. :)

    Beardless men are like breastless women. The male face was specifically developed to sport man fur. Facial Man fur is also very useful. Furry cooks can use it to scour pans; furry stokers can clean pipe joints and their tools with it; you can stroke it like a pet cat; fur denotes experience, wisdom and a philosohical approach to life. Suicide bombers, most pollies, women, and other dubious types ;) by contrast are clean shaven.

    Bearded men are also cute! :razz:
  12. You can of course take your horse with you once you have been drafted to a ship.
    The routine is that once on the ship the horse is to be handed over to the chefs who will turn it into something far more acceptabel :p
  13. Unless you are one of the Saudis, then you can do whatever the **** you like!
  14. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Nobody has ever been so successful inmaking not want to grow a beard, EVER! :wink:
  15. I think you'll find that they neither in Phase I training nor are they in the Royal Navy, so a pretty redundant comment really.
  16. Awwwww :D

    I keep my full set as without I only feel half the man I am! :oops: :roll:
  17. I was told that beards have to go during Raleigh, so they know that we know how to shave. First thing I thought of was 'can't I just provide some photos?' :p
  18. Tell them you're a Jedi Knight and your deeply and sincerely held faith requires you to wear a beard at all times (even in bed). On religious grounds you should get an exemption.... ;)
  19. Stop tking the piss Thingy, you know that Jedi knights don't have to have beards, they have to wear Willy Warmers :oops:
  20. Pretty sure you CAN have a set during Phase 1, saw one the other week with one and you can have them in Phase 2. Firefighting and BA argument is not really valid. If a fire breaks out on board you'd have the choice of shave off smartish or die otherwise

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