Beards at PRNC

Hey all!

After my initial posts awhile back, I've now recieved my start date as an AET! :). All booked up for PRNC, but a quick question.. will I get to keep a beard during the week I'm there? Or will I be told to shave it off. I saw that I'll need to bring a few razors with me on my checklist. ;)


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Bear in mind also, what you may think of as a beard, may not be viewed as a complete set by the staff. This being the case, still take shaving gear to PRNC.


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My advice, when joining the Armed Forces is to only stand out for the right reasons. Be the grey man.

I took this to the extremes by eventually turning my hair grey & by growing a grey beard. It works, managers don't even know I exist. :)
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