Bear Grylls

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by seafarer1939, Jun 10, 2007.

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  1. Anyone answer the following?
    1 Why when parachuting into the jungle canopy did he cut the para cord and fall to the ground,standard practice is to use the para cord and lower down from branch to branch.
    2. Why did he rarely cut a stick to navigate downhill when this is another standard proceedure, used to brush away snakes etc and support yourself.
    3Why when paddling out of the river did he use a stick when it would have taken two minutes to make a couple of end paddles there-by allowing him to steer as he said he could not.
    3.Why did the wild horses he was trying to catch have shoes on them?
    there are other things as well but that will do for now.
    I should not pull him up as I have trouble finding my way out of a supermarket now but I did once know how.
    This guys an extremely hard man with lots of SAS training but this TV show needs to be taken with a very large grain of salt.
    Just made for TV,expect he was having curry when the cameras stopped rolling.
    PS.Don't tell him I am having a pop,he has the look of some-one not to cross but he could not survive Whale Island for more than 6 months in the 60's! it was sheer hell for me.
    May all GI's have bollock rot and their ashes be spread over HMS Excellent parade ground so recuits can run and fart over them! cheers
  2. Standard procedure for being stuck up a tree is to pop your reserve, shake it out and simply slide down it. I must admit that it was always pointed out to anyone from Para Reg that it was preferable to stay on the outside of the reserve canopy as you slid downwards :thumright:

  3. ?? Confused ... what are you two talking about??

  4. Bear Grylls in Wikipedia. Don't know how accurate the article so usual Wikipedia health warnings apply.

    He's doing another series on TV at the moment.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Standard procedure for a matelot would be to miss the tree in the first place.
  6. Is he any ralation to Bere Regis?
  7. Preferred option is not to have to jump out of the fcuking plane at all. :thumright:
  8. He's a hard buugger alright he broke his back in 3 places then 2 years later climbed everest - not bad!!

    Oh and he's an honorary Lt Cmr in the RNR.

    parents obviously hated the f***r - Bere..I mean really with a name like thats he'd have to be 'ard!!
  9. Bear Grylls does sound like some kind of greasy spoon cafe, easy on the eye kind of chap though
  10. his name aint Bear,do me a favour,who would call anyone that?his first name is Edward.He called himself Bear.
    Still think it's a bit 'naff though wonder what his mates in the SAS thought of that name.A few sniggers I reckon.
  11. An 'ard mans dinner.........Grilled Bear for Bear Grylls.
    (Okay - I know it's not "grilled" as such...oh and by the way - this recipe may kill you)

  12. hahaha - Meeeaaaoooowwww!!!! :thumright:
  13. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    neither know nor care.....
  14. Whats his purpose in life?
  15. The tasks he sets and the places of 'difficulty' he puts himself into can't be all that tough......the camera team manages to pace him step for step!
    What does he do in between the advert and fag I 'spose....what'dya mean not taking this programme seriously.....were we 'sposed to?
    Why not have somebody tracking him....with seriously evil intentions and some very sharp knives.
  16. seems they just sold the series to the Yank TV,they love all that type of shit.
    Saw a program where they say their Navy Seals[highly regarded] are leaving in droves as 80% of them never see any action after all that training!
    they could always join the UK special forces they get plenty although we don't hear much of it.
    I had great trouble handling my marlin spike!
  17. One time alongside in the States, New London, Groton, one of our main vents was passing and needed to be cleaned to form an air tight seal. To do this a blank has to be fitted to the free flood grills at the bottom of the hull. The main vent can then be opened and grit, sand or 'fingers' cleared away. Naturally if you open a main vent without a blank when in water air comes out at the top and water comes in at the bottom.......very very fast.

    US Navy Seals wanted to fit the blank and couldn't wait for us to tag out for divers'. 'Hey guys we've done it on our 'subs' (amateurs) loads of times and it'll be no problem'. 'NO CHANCE YANK'.....'we're tagging out and that's the end of it'.

    These guys were all six feet twelve inches tall and the same across the shoulders...........and they were having to do as they were told by the duty forward MEM, hung over and thoroughly pissed off at having his nice quiet duty watch ruined by these hulks.
    The Seals did have a sense of humour....and nearly lost it when getting their gear ready on the casing some of the duty watch started throwing kippers to them, a beach ball appeared from somewhere. We went pissing up with them the next day. Flaming Sambukas were the prefered tipple.

    They do like to talk about what they do....or did and enjoy the attention from the ladies. 'Yeah, I'm with The Teams'......they held our special forces in very high regard........quite a few knew some of the pubs I get pissed in when home on leave.

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