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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by jancox, Aug 9, 2007.

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  1. I may be treading on dodgy ground here, but do not wish to offend anyone. I have just looked at (by accident). This site is all about fudge packers, bean flickers and those that aren’t sure whether to wear a frock or trousers. The sad thing is (my personal thought), is that these people are serving in the RN. Although it is considered to be PC for us “straight†guys to accept all genders into society, but the RN? Come on.....

    I would be interested to hear from “straight†serving members of the RN on your thoughts on this subject, and off the record have there been many cases of float testing of shirt lifters?

    I am sure that Nelson is turning in his grave.
  2. This subject has been covered many times on different forums, but to change it slightly from our resident Gays, are there any Lesbians on here? :w00t:
  3. The only bean I'll be flicking is my own.....

    Seriously though. Not a problem in my short time in the Navy, although there are some sweet Stoker boys knocking around. xxx
  4. Sadly as time goes by and parents' fail to bring their kids up right this kind of deviancy seems to be spreading. All the modern tolerance to sex crimes has led to more and more of this nonsense and it is now fashionable for boys to be beefers and their Dad's aren't dishing out the required discipline.

    Bloody Girlie Men
  5. "playing" with yourself can seriously damage your you gone??
  6. I think I`ll risk one eye. :w00t:
  7. Remember to shave your palms.... :dwarf:
  8. Speak for yourself, my father was a strict disciplinarian, my mother too for that fact. I have an older brother and sister, both straight, but I am gay. We were all subject to the same rules and discipline, it's nature not nurture that makes us gay........
    The reason we are more visible is that after years of suppression and being treated as criminals the law and the medical profession have realised that were are not deviant, nor a criminal element. Therefore with the relaxing of the draconian measures that were in place, we felt more enabled to be ourselves.
    I often wonder how people who think they can "beat" this out of their children get on when that child grows up, and settles down with a member of the same sex? Perhaps they didn't beat them hard enough????
    Homosexuals have always existed, there were Roman legions of gay men and homosexuality has been depicted throughout the centuries in painting, statutes and other art work. It's not just a modern day affair you know!
  9. :pukel: :pukel:
  10. type42stoker, curious to know if you were serving in the Navy while it was an offence to be gay under the NDA. If so when did you come out of the closet?
  11. Straight, Gay, Lesbian, Not Sure or Sheep Shagger it dont stop you being able to point a gun at the enemy and pull the trigger.......

    If it doesnt impact on your, your life etc why let it bother you, unless of course your unsure yourself......
  12. Or should that be "out of the barrel"??? :toilet:
  13. Unless you are checking out his cute buns through your sniper scope
  14. If the modern Andrew was not as "inclusive" as it is now, there would be a lot more gapping and, perhaps, laid up hulls. I have acquired a simple philosophy of "do what you want so long as it doesn't bother other people (me, in particular) or reflect badly on the Service".
  15. Don't get me wrong here, i'm certainly no Adonis, but I do feel slightly mystified as to why there aren't homosexual showers onboard ships.
    Either that, or go the whole hog and introduce unisex showers.

    As for the question (?) of Homosexual members of the Royal Navy.
    Its about as much my business as someones religion quite frankly.
  16. Why waste a bullet when you can waste an entire town and call in an air/sea strike........
  17. I served from 1979 to 1990, and didn't come out of the closet (barrel) until after I had left the service. I tried to be "straight" during my time in the Andrew, and have slept with many women in that time.
    I loved my time in the RN, and didn't want that to end with my being shipped off to DQs and kicked out with a dishonourable discharge, so I took the decision to leave with my service record intact.
    I have to say that ukdaytona has hit the nail on the head, my sexuality never impacted on anyone else's life during my service so why should it matter.
  18. It would bother me if I was advancing on an enemy line and I had to wait for some nosher to sort his handbag out and do his hair.

    BTW, I know what side I'm on. It's Ocean Girl's legs I'm interested in not some 3 badge stoker looking for the golden rivet.....!
  19. :pukel: I can smell that testosterone from here........
    Nothing like sticking to stereotypes is there. You'd be surprised that we are not all like Julian Clary or John Inman, most of us are actually quite normal (whatever that means)!
  20. The presence of Brown Hatters onboard a submarine adversely affects morale and discipline. Fact. Bollocks to the PC tree-huggers, its an aspect of Naval life for which we are paid the x-factor, ie having to share bathrooms / bunkspaces with people you wouldn't necessarily choose to share a house with. There is no easy solution, but those who openly flirt with one another whilst in rig should not be tolerated.
    And yes, I am confident with my own sexuality thanks, i've even got a pink shirt somewhere...

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