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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by NotmeChief, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. Don't you just love the lunatics running the asylum.
  2. What ever happened to those blissful days when we had Rum,
    Navy Days, the Royal tournament, and the Esso sign meant
    happy motoring?

  3. They will squeeze us till we pop , fxxxxxxg parasites the lot of them . don't you just love em , :toilet: :pukel: :toilet: :pukel: :toilet:
  4. I find

    the scary bit. At least if you take a hit now, you know it and can confirm for yourself if it was right or wrong. Getting it a week or so later, there's no bloody chance.

    The buggers always wheel out the public safety card and you can almost hear, inside your head, some officious t**t saying "you know it makes sense"!
  5. Councils will also be able to penalise actions such as parking too far away from the kerb.

    And how far is too far?5cm,15cm?

    Bloody robbers!
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Am I being gullible?

    You only get a parking ticket if you're illegally parked. Disabled bays are for those entitled, double yellow lines don't mean you must park with the hazard lights on, you aren't supposed to park on the pavement nor outside of a marked parking bay. You mustn't stop on zig-zags or cause an obstruction to other road users. "I'm only here for 10 minutes" isn't an excuse for causing a traffic jam for other users.

    Those simple rules mean you don't get a ticket don't they?

    The new rules:

    "Local authorities outside London can issue fines by post if there is camera evidence
    Adjudicators given more powers to cancel fines in mitigating circumstances
    Increased discount period for fines sent by post - 21 days instead of 14
    Higher penalties for more serious offences, but smaller fines for less serious ones
    Quicker clamping and removal times"

    (Source: Department for Transport)

    Fine the buggers that snarl-up the network & make life dangerous when crossing the road or getting your child to school safely I say, let's generate revenue out of the selfish individuals that make life difficult or dangerous for everyone else.
  7. The simple rule is:
    Don't park where you shouldn't if you're going to whine about the fine.

    I am also anti disabled badge holders parking on double yellow lines. These lines are their for a reason and the fact that a blue badge is being displayed does not negate the reason. More safe disabled parking and more none pay short term parking for others (15 minutes max) is needed. I am all for fining those using disabled bays illegally, and even more in favour of removing disabled badges from holders where they are being abused.
  8. In the welfare culture, the blue badge (attached to your free motability car, natch) is the ultimate status symbol. Its proof positive that you've finally reached the zenith of freeloading, and for some people there is no depth to which they will not sink in order to acquire one. I'm not refering to anyone who is genuinely disabled of course, just the ones who cant walk 50 mtrs across a car park but can walk several miles once inside the shop. In these days of easy internet shopping, the whole idea of the disabled badge needs to be reviewed, if only for the benefit of the genuinely disabled
  9. The simple way to bring on the pain with people who fraudlently or use a disabled badge to park is to charge, never caution, them with "Obtaing a Pecuniary Advantage" under Section 16 Theft Act 1968. As these people would then have a Criminal Conviction and Criminal record which can bring on many pains when seeking employment etc.

    But then when did the Police ever think laterally to solve a problem. Well certainly not since Tony Lundy did in Operation Cougar and look what happend to him.


    PS Of course the Magistrates also have the power, never used to my knowledge, to seize any vehicle used in the commission of a crime. Win double, criminal conviction and loss of car. Soon stop the problem dead in its tracks.
  10. Could this only encourage the use of more cameras?
    C - Crushing
    C - Communities
    T - Through
    V - Video surveillance
    Seems to me that draconian measures like this will only put another nail in the coffin of town centres; driving (pun intended) those that don't wish to be persecuted into out of town shopping malls.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    My point exactly, we should be persecuting the idiots that think themselves above parking their cars in designated safe areas but prefer to cause misery & mayhem in their wake "because everyone else does it". You only get fined for breaking the law, therefore it's highly unlikely prosecuting offenders is likely to affect the majority who do not offend.

    We're fast approaching gridlock as it is & the only way to keep traffic moving is to penalise the selfish one's who hinder it. It's not victimisation, it's common sense for those that need to be taught it.
  12. Steady mate! I am genuinely disabled, though I have good and bad days. If I have to stagger around miles of aisles, then shortening my stagger to the car by parking legally in a disabled bay helps my day. (This is almost poetic!)

    I agree with the idea that we shouldn't park on double yellow lines though. Singles yes, but not doubles.

    Doubles is reserved for the bar!
  13. Workington town centre has recently been modernised, a new shopping centre has been built on the largest of the town centre car park, with a nice new modern multi storey car park being built to replace it. However the multi storey has few places than the car park it replaces and is more expensive than the other car parks dotted around the outskirts of the town centre, so it is not getting as much use as the council and its partner desire, so, the prices have been increased on these car parks to make it more expensive to use them than the multi, problem is, the access to the multi is naff. The 2 town centre streets where on street parking was allowed, have been transformed to Taxi and disabled parking (lots of taxi ranks in the town centre now, lots and lots of them, I wonder how many taxi drivers/owners are on the council). But the thing that really winds me up is, keswick a popular tourist centre 20 miles away from Workington has cheaper parking than Workington, which is the shopping town for a large number of local people, but both fall under the same district council (Allerdale).

    My point being, if the councils charged reasonable prices for parking, and used a sensible parking policy, rather than one designed to screw as much money as possible out of the motorist, more people would use the car parks.
  14. I agree with most of it but I don't see why I should push my wifes wheelchair up a bloody great bank when I can stop outside and help her in the shop.
    I then park elswhere.
    Lets be clear the law states you can park on double yellow if you are not causing an obstruction.
    Most don't as far as I can see,ticket those who don't.
    My problem is dropping off the wife then finding a disabled space and when getting out face hostile stares!they don't know I've just dropped off a disabled person.
    There's a lot of forged badges around,crack down on those and a lot will be stopped but no-one does.
  15. I couldn't agree more.
  16. Traveller's are the ones who abuse the disability parking areas more than anyone else. How many times have you see a white van with five kids in the front. Plod never stops the traveller.

    Down in Killarney a report of a break in at the old factory by travellers. Gardai arrives !!! Sixty travellers tearing the place apart!!!!! We need back up I am thinking!!!

    And talking about new taxes wait il the bin tax arrives thinking of the environment are they I think not!!
  17. Seafarer

    Lets be clear about this I have just googled Parking Regulations and all the sites I viewed state that double yellow lines mean parking is restricted 24 hours a day. "Restricted" means "No Parking" not "I am not causing an obstruction or I have a disabled badge, I am just unloading/posting a letter, using the cash point machine, the wife is just buying a packet of fags". It means no parking at any time for any reason. Get a ticket it is your fault.

    If you can show regulation to the different except local amenments for holiday resorts etc. by sign then I would like to see them.

  18. The problem is Slim that the few disabled parking bays there are are, increasingly being designated as joint disabled/able bodied mums in 4x4s. Disabled parking bays are frequently occupied by non-Blue badge holders who have grown accustomed with getting away with it, usually with the excuse that 'It's only for a few minutes!'. Whenever I encounter these scum I always point out that they are violating the law and that whilst they have the ability to walk, many disabled people have no other option. My final repost is to ask them if they'd like my disability in return for me having their mobility. Personally I think they should be knee-capped on the spot and denied medical treatment bar to keep them alive. That would make them more considerate! The automatic punishment (strict liability) for people like this should be two points on their license!

    Backpacker... most people who abuse DP places in the SE & London are able-bodied mums and women who think that being a woman automatically entitles them to park in DP bays. I've encountered very few instances of DP abuse by men where I live and work.

    :cussing: :blob6: :angry4:

    Not everywhere allows DP to park on double yellow lines. There are restrictions in places like York for example.

    Clanky, most people on disability benefits are NOT there by choice, whatever the pollies and Dail Wail claim. The real problem is that MOST employers automatically refuse to consider anyone for a job who has a disability of chronic ill health, and for those of us who are able to keep a job there is always the threat of being made redundant because of disability by being classified as inefficient - even where we make up the hours we are ill and take our sick leave routinely out of our annual leave entitlement. I have been working part-time due to ill-health since last Spring. I claim NO benefits (and haven't done so for 23 years) whilst having to pay VAT on every essential aid I need. When I need help I have to pay for it.

    The online shopping option is unfeasible unless you don't work, as the delivery times assume one doesn't work during working hours! Also when you order fresh fruit & veg by this method you invariably get the stuff they cannot sell to other customers delivered to you door because it's bruised, too close to its expiry date or the milk's starting to turn.
  19. Sorry Steve, but there is a significant underclass that exists entirely within the benefits system, and for whom the whole concept of DLA is seen as a giantic cash cow. I was'nt aware that you where disabled, a strange concept for a man who seems fit enough to go whale watching/climb the ladders on the Bulwark. :thumright:

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