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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. In the day we had certain things imposed on us that today they would not allow.
    My question is not to provoke which period of service was "BETTER", its to ask if we that were supposedly oppressed and abused, mistreated, would sue if we were able, or with our mind set we would still accept what happened.
    If you had the same rights then what would you have changed, if anything.

    My one hate from the day was that there were no doors on the traps in the shit-house in recess or DQ's.
    It was awkward trying to have a good gut buster with an audience.
    I cannot say that I liked DQ's but I will admit I deserved it and have been in worse places.
  2. I was in Faslane for too many years, and always seemed to be cold, that foul weather coat we had, it was a thin blue shapeless thing that afforded no protection whatsoever, I dont think sub sweaters were allowed in Neptune so a sea jersey was the only thing and that was like wearing a barbed wire vest and when the beret became the head wear of choice we all started to look like Frank Spencer, so I’d change the clothing we had.
  3. If you mean the pussers windy burb, I agree there Sharkey. Something I would bring back is the burberry though (as well as keeping the modern fouly).
  4. Oilskins, wearing one was like being back in the womb.
  5. Get some else to prepare my kit for Diversions, so I would not look like the preverbal scan bag, in fact get some else to do Diversions for me.

    Times change and the time we served was under the rules of the day, only route to recourse was the divisional route to the skippers table, tried that once did not do it again got shafted, the issue I was raising magically disappeared before I got to the table, therefore, had nothing to drip about, so skippers table cancelled, when my docs followed me to next draft write-ups trashed?
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  6. A man after my own heart.

    Abolish the kit musters that got dished out after Div's too!
  7. As Sumo already said Times and rules change.
    Was I oppressed, abused and mistreated ? no can`t say that I was. But then the same question could be asked of the education system at that time, Most of my teachers would be arrested today for child beating. It was as it was and dripping about it usualy got the standard response `shouldn`t have joined if you cant take a joke `.
  8. Climbing the mast in a biting NE Wind, doubling up and down Laundry Hill, queuing for ages in the gymnasium in no1's waiting for the bus to go home on leave, itching blue jumpers next to the skin, how we longed to change into white fronts, no after Ganges the next 27 years was a breeze
  9. All of above, but mast was not compulsary when I was there 6 week wounder boy I was, so did not get chance to dislike Ganges, we only had one run ashore I think, or I couldn't be bothered
  10. I hated that there were no doors on the heads in the annex at Ganges, my other hate was having to climb the mast.
    My main hate was polaris boats, as a single man, I never had a descent run ashore in 2 years. The only place I saw, was "The Land of Jocks" and always duty on the first night alongside after a trip, so the RA bastards could all go home.
  11. More duties on jollies runs :toothy8:ashore to prevent desolation of my bank manager, thank god for mess funds,
    oops, friendly mates, and to stop me inflicting self-destruction on myself.:pirate:
  12. We were allowed into Harwich on Saturday afternoons and into Ipswich on Sundays after compulsory church, I never really bothered as I joined up in November and it was seamans jersey's all the time. In fact it was 39 years ago today I went through Ganges gate 13 Nov 1973 :)
  13. The submariners prayer back in the day, God save me from ODs, part threes and drip dry 8s (only issued to bombers ratings then)
  14. Cheers Jimbo, that makes it my ruby one next year so I'll have a flagon of red to celebrate :)
  15. Only had one run ashore there, it was the Harwich one, it was dead nothing open. Wandered around foe a couple of hours until the pub opened for the class end of course piss up. This was at the end of Feb 76.
  16. Sounds like the one run I had there, and all the locals knew most of us were under age.

    Wrecker you old Barsteward
  17. The drip dry 8's got me thinking. I was issued cotton 8's when I joined up (the ones where the trousers had tabs that threaded through a buckle), they got replaced by the drip dry ones which in turn got replaced by Nomex ones after the Falklands, they got replaced by cargo pocket trousers and Norwegian shirts with a polo shirt type material and a fleece lined winter top, the tops then got replaced by the normal cotton shirt but kept the trousers so, apart from the cargo pocket, 8's went full circle. Must have cost a fortune to end up back where we started.
  18. Just goes to show changing things for the sake of it, wastes money, if it's not broken don't fix it
  19. Discipline was much better "back in the day". Whilst I don't agree with the old beating around the back of the office or clip round the back of the head whilst on watch (of which I had a few) you certainly knew where you were with the senior rates back then as most could certainly give out a good bollocking. Today the jr's messdecks and the PO's to a lesser degree have many more gobshites than there used to be. Largely due I think to the lack of discipline. MAA seems to be the way nowadays and the recipient can often get it reduced ot binned altogether. I had a CRS onboard who used to let the AB2's call him a wanker to his face in the MCO and did nothing.Also, the person that binned the seamans jersey should be knighted!
  20. I miss being able to get in a bath of steamin hot oggin' and actually being able to stretch out and fit inside the fu**ing thing. Faslane accom baths were enormous and took about half an hour to fill - but one could then enjoy the luxury of nodding off in great clouds of super heated steam for a while. These baths I encounter now, are like fu**ing sinks - yes they're all shapes and sizes....corner baths, walk in baths, baths with waterfall taps and a hundred other swanky designs. But I want to know where pusser got their olden-day baths from 'cos I fu**ing want one that's slightly larger than my arse cheeks and shaped to fit a normal human being on the verge of gettin' old. So - not so much of a what would I change then - but what I want to change NOW.

    I want a pussers bath in my next house the size of a small Landing Craft....and can I get one?

    Can I f*ck.
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