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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Hev, May 30, 2011.

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  1. Hev


    Just trying to catch up with some old mates (loosest sense lol). I saw the thread about the Mighty Fine in Pompey. As a gal, I spent some time in this pub in the mid- late 70's and had some really good nights out...the ones I remember anyway..Does anyone remember Queenie? , Big Gal with curly ginger hair ? or a welsh bird nicknamed Tabs....Dodgy ladies but big hearts...keep it clean...anyhow, I wasnt without my adventures and probably ended up on a few 'gronk' boards ( I think thats what you called them).. Did all the tart bars...Marthas, Joannas, club Tiberius...brilliant nights with all forms of life allowed...wouldnt have changed if I slept with you, slapped you, gubbed you at pool or just had a laugh.....then hello....still would like to know if anyone knew queenie tho:angel4:
  2. This should be fun!LOL
  3. Welcome to RR Hev.......... sounds like you're just the 'sport' that fits in nicely here. Can't help with your search (60's - early 70's my era)
    but good hunting ...........(that gentle enough for you ?)
  4. Hev


    Hehehe..counting on
  5. Hev


    Thanks for the welcome Flagdeck, I'm looking forward to a laugh or 2. Life as a grown up is way too boring. I saw the thread for the pub and my wild days came flooding back..oh...and that was very gentle..:)
  6. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Is this a gash bite similar to Billynomates taking his down's syndrome, one IQ point from the turth?

    I suppose from your OP, you'll be after cockshots rather than mugshots?.
  7. Hev


    Just having a laugh dodgy shots required...I have a good memory for faces...Still thanks for the welcome...biting or otherwise..:)
  8. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'm sure you stared plenty of japs in the eye.
  9. Hev


    Nope...afraid not Wits...I may have had my adventures...but some of us managed to have a laugh and keep our dignity intact...surprising for Pompey and a female...and hard to believe I know..
  10. Welcome to the site.

    I was Pompey based from '74 to '77 in my skimmer days and I deny all knowledge plus I want a DNA test if any rugrats were involved (they'd be over 18 now anyway).

    And I bet you climbed up the tree in Jo Spanners as well.
  11. Hev


    Lol WreckerL. Thanks for the welcome. I never climbed the tree...was always over by the Bar...or in Club Tiberius next door..No DNA required..never felt the need to procreate..:)
  12. I feel a lot better now, I also ended up in Beasties on occasions (or Club la Bistro if your posh)
  13. Hev


    You must have been seriously wasted to end up in there lol..
  14. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    No just doggo and desperate!!
  15. Hev


    I think desperation had a lot to do with most of the misdemeanors in Pompey...still...happy days lol
  16. I occasionally remembered going in, never coming out.

    Edited to add I could have phrased that better, standing by.
  17. Bollocks, you sound like my first wife. Are you..? If so you owe me something 'for old times'.

    Welcome to RR now get the wets!!
  18. I was the boss in the Tiberius thru the 70's and drank next door down the steps as it was our club and I didn't have to pay for drinks!
    If you had big tits I'd remember you!
    Or if you knocked back a drunken leerer I may not remember you!

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