Be careful you don't get a speeding ticket

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 8, 2007.

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  1. What I find particularly disturbing is;
    "His only previous speeding case came from travelling at 33mph in a 30mph zone in North Wales in September last year."

    3 mph over the limit and he had to go on a course? What a complete waste of resources. About time the 200yd rule was overhauled to a more commonsense approach, but cameras cant do commonsense, that would take a real live copper, which is too expensive, and issuing warnings doesn't generate revenue, but most motoring organisations argue that warnings are more effective in changing behaviour in the long term.
  2. A couple of points if you drive in the EU Spain in particular and most Med countries 40kph means 40kph just 1kmp over you get a ticket and traffic police, the Guardia Civil abound. I live in the sticks and see then every time I leave our complex. Also stop signs mean STOP even at 3 am. They will give you a ticket, pay at the time for non residents. No money take your passport and send you off to the hole in the wall. Get money get your passport back.

    In France the Police wait at toll booths and check the time on your ticket from point of entry to exit of motorway. If you come under the 130kmp time you get a ticket. The love Brits in Calais rushing to connect with a ferry BE WARNED.

  3. I think the effectiveness of informal warnings went out when the little cardboard book licences went out. Mr plod would mark your licence and the next Mr Plod would know you had been warned.
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Go to this website for legal tips on avoiding driving convictions... :wink:
  5. Nutty
    Is that Valencia you live in? Strange place south of the Catalan border!!
    In Catalunya we have our own police 'Mossos Esquaddra' in their red berets and big guns..they seem to have a relaxed attitude towards speeding but are not called 'Mosquitos' for nothing. In any case they hate any regulation coming from Madrid.
    In the UK dual carriageways/motorways, strangely they have the same speed limit, but the unoffical limit is 80mph which confounds foreigners who cannot understand why so many people are exceeding the limit by a good margin.
    The Spanish police publish on their website the acceptable variance before giving you a ticket (there are a lot more of them on the roads than in the UK; plus they have random breath tests, with a lower limit, and technically you even need a seat belt for your dog). A cyclist out of town should wear an upside down bed pan.
    This acceptable variance does not exist in the UK and like a lot of the country is a bit like a club; open to members only.
    The UK once again play fast and loose with EU regulation ie There should be a speeding camera within 300 metres of the sign; not as in the Uk a myriad of signs with no real camera in existence.
    Either the speed limit is 70mph or openly publish the variance.
    It seems simple to me.
    Are motorists allowed some determination in their own safety, or, simply a tax gathering machine for the machine?

  6. No Sussex

    I live at the South end of Murcia Province, Gardia Civil with big guns are thick on the ground here plus Polica Local. They take no prisoners and laws are enforced to the letter for all, the locals suffer as well.

  7. Dont necessarily believe all you read - 33 in a 30 limit I doubt very much.

    ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) publish guidelines to forces on dealing with speeding matters and unless this has changed very recently you would need to be travelling at more than 33 to get a ticket in a 30 limit - whether personal issue by a REAL Poilce Officer or a camera.
  8. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    The Chief Constable of North Wales is Richard Brunstrom a man who regards speeding as more heinous than hard drugs and murder - in Brumstromia 31mph is likely to get a ticket irrespective of any ACPO guidelines. :(
  9. There's a sort of turf war going on in Catalunya at the moment, between the Mossos and the Civilies.
    In the country towns (where I live) it is the Locales and the Mossos who hold sway; in the cities and the main routes then it's the Civiles.
    There are frequent speed traps as you say, and, something which I don't object to one jot, random breath test road blocks. You must have them down your way as well of course. I have even been on a bus when it was pulled over.
    The furthest south my business takes me is Alicante.
    By and large though I feel much safer on Spanish than on the rare occasions I now drive in the UK. I know the statistics don't bear this out but it is more fun to drive here, especially on mountain roads.
    Nobody in their right mind venturing onto the roads on a Sunday afternoon of course!

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