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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by dickhead, Sep 26, 2008.

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  1. The FAAOA has warned that a certain Stephen L Harrison, who lives in Spain, has given false information on his joining form.
    He describes himself, erroneously, as Lt. Cmd. Stephen Lord Harrison MBA RN
    If this gentleman attempts to contact you, a wide berth is suggested.

  2. Sarcasm ?, from you Norman that is a first.
  3. More properly "litotes" rather than "sarcasm" in describing this rascal as a gentleman,I suggest
  4. Impersonating a Peer of the Realm is one thing, but impersonating a sailor...... :roll:

    The nearest the Labour life peer, Lyndon Henry Arthur, Baron Harrison gets to the RN is his Vice Chairmanship of the All Party Parliamentary Group on the Sea Cadets! :lol:

    (Stand fast Nozzy Nozzer! :oops: )
  6. And you point is, Norman? :threaten:
  7. Avoid this rascal at all costs
  8. Continue to be aware
  9. An army of you should also take intelligent note
  10. Fuck off
  11. Bloody Hell Not another army. More that CIGS ever had.
  12. Hi all,
    I knew a Stephen Harrison when I was on HMS Glasgow during the Falklands Campaign (Operation Corporate), but he wasn´t a Lord or a two and a half. He was a Sub Lieutenant. He used to come down to the MCR and tell us what was going on during the war (can´t see much from the MCR), we appreciated it, nice bloke (he was only about 20). I think it was him that opened fire with an SMG from the starboard bridge wing to try and shoot down an Argy A4 Skyhawk but finished up hitting the 965 array (good shot, Sir!). :thumright: :thumright:

    When we got back to Pompey he brought Fiona Richmond ( a soft porn star) onboard, now SHE was fit, Subby Harrison gave her a tour of the ship (and who knows what else…!). Quite a lad, for an officer. Don´t know what happened to him after that, he left the ship. :whew:
  13. Not a Lord. Lord is either his second Christian name or a double-barreled part of his surname If he is the one FAAOA is interested in ,he purports to be a Lt Cmd with a MBA and now lives in Spain hopefully (for his sake) with Fiona.
    Just thought Fiona is likely to be a relative. She was born Julia Rosamund Harrison the daughter of a Norfolk vicar Reverend John Harrison and is now living in the West Indies with her former pig farmer husband
  15. When I saw Fiona Richmond with Subby Harrison she didn´t look like a relative (unless it was a bit incestuous), although she was probably old enough to be his mother really, she would be about 36 or more and Harrison was only about 19 or 20, still, lucky b******d, she WAS tasty. Bet she´s not quite as good now, she´d be about 62 or 63 now. Ah well, age gets us all in the end. Harrison will be about 46 now, bet he´s changed, he was short and skinny in ¨82, looked about 12 (sign of getting old when the officers look like kids), imagine now, they really are kids (compared to us, anyway).
  16. Thanks for that. Subby Harrison sounds as if he could be the man FAAOA is warning us about.Presumably he has inveigled his way into membership thereby getting his hands on their Register of Members.

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