BdCpl Shuggie McGleish

Discussion in 'Charity' started by Jenny_Dabber, Aug 6, 2006.

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  1. Band Corporal Shuggie McGleish is doing a 1200 miles John O'Groats to Land's End partially supported Sponsored walk in aid of the Dame Hannah Rogers School and the Royal Navy Benevolent Trust on Friday 4th August and finishing on 1st of October 2006 at Land's End.

    He will be covering 25 miles per day for six days a week with one rest day. He will be carrying all of his own kit on his back (this weighs 25Kg or 4 stone in old money) throughout the duration of this walk. He will be sleeping wherever he ends up and not lording it in some hotel... wherever he ends the 25 miles will be home for the night!

    He aims to raise in excess of £5500 and will continue to collect right up until late December.

    Should you wish to sponsor him please send a cheque made payable to 'End to End Walk DHRS and RNBF Appeal" and send it to:

    Cpl I McGleish
    Band of HM Royal Marines Portsmouth
    Eastney Block
    HMS Nelson
    Queen Street
    PO1 3HH

    A mobile phone number will be posted here shortly so you can send Shuggie text messages of support.

    His predicted itinery will be placed here as soon as we have it so you can go along and support him should you choose to do so.

    For more info please visit here.
  2. A cheque will be in the post tomorrow JD , hope all goes to plan for Shuggie :lol:
  3. Shuggie is hoping to raise enough to buy a little girl a voice box, good luck to him! Also, the rest of the money if there is any left over will go to the RNBT, which ex-serving can still go to in times of need.

    Come on peeps, dig deep!
  4. Brought a patient down to the Operating Theatre 3 days ago who knows shuggie , small world or what , cheque should be in Nelson barracks by now :lol: :oops:
  5. Shuggie is a creature of the highest order

    Held in great esteem by all bootnecks who have worked/drunk with him

    25 miles aday and bivving out, you'll p+ss it royal

    Cheque in the post
  6. You gonna post this on Arrse JD
  7. It's on there already :wink:
  8. Thought you'd be on the ball JD , has Shuggie got a journal up & running yet , be cool to check on his progress , :lol:
  9. I dunno, it maybe pretty hard seeing as he is walking. I don't know him myself but a friend of mine does, thought I could help with racking up sponsors for him.
  10. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Ye gods Jenny.

    I ‘know’ Shuggie from his leading of minor RM Band ensembles, one of which entertained my mess in the most fantastic fashion, a Burns Night! When I saw his name on the front page of Rum Ration I thought he’d gone to the big Stand Easy. Less alarming headlines please!

    Apart from that, the cheque is in the post. Top bloke!

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