BBC2 - Thurs Feb 28th 2013 - "The Sea King - Britain's Flying Past"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Feb 18, 2013.

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  1. redmonkey

    redmonkey Badgeman Book Reviewer

    I was on board when he was filming that. He was advised to wear his goggles on the flt deck because of fod etc but refused as it would ruin his look.
    Not as much as both eyes ful of grit did. :rolleyes:

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  2. Was pretty interesting that. Could have done without Jo Brand though.
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  3. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Activities other than SAR and Junglies didn't get much of a look-in, but an interesting programme nonetheless in spite of the rather odd choice of commentator who sometimes didn't understand what he wass describing.
  4. :D Had to laugh!! At (JS) and his pronunciation......CULROSE
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  5. Interesting programme and good to see something British lasting so long and doing such a good job, as Seaweed says funny choice of presenter, JS is more your country fair/canal boats type of chap, nice but not suited, how come the nickname jungly
  6. Sharkey, as far as I know Junglies come from when the Commando Squadrons used to operate in the jungles of Burma and Malaysia with the 'Jungly' Whirlwind and Wessex helicopters. When the Wessex was replaced by the Sea King the name continued although their theatre of operations changed to more climate and arctic regions.

    Nice to see me old mukka's Shiner Wright and Dave 'Pond Life' Wallace talk of there experience on the MV Murrey. Deserved the gong for that one. Again, well done fella's.
  7. Cheers Waspie
  8. Had a look at this last night. Actually Er Indoors wanted to watch it as well as her Dad used to work for Westlands and spent lot of time at Yeovilton doiing what she doesn't know ecept that it was something to do with helecopters!

    Brought back a few memories of chugging around in Sea Kings!
  9. About 3,000 hours of memories for me!
  10. all those lovely Casexs :D:worship:
  11. Scouse I was fortunate to get 819 twice so minimal Casex, lots of secondary role stuff and of course SAR. (Just as well I was shit pinger!!!!!!) :-D
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  12. it was nice to see Shiner & what about Harrie Harrison, I remember him as a middy on 819 in 78/79 & is now only an acting commander. I wonder who he upset.
  13. Pity we haven't got smell o vision as yet. The Seaking had a delightful aroma, made you aware of your surroundings
  14. preferred the smell of fumes from the starter cartridge on the choppers many moons ago =D

  15. Burning OM15 would be one!!! Most susceptible to Sonar winch pump bursting into flames!!!! I muttered the immortal words, "pass the fire extinguisher" five times in total!!! Got us home early though!!!
  16. :( I missed this
  17. It's still on iPlayer. Well worth a watch for any FAA boyos

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