BBC2 - Frontline Medicine - Sunday November 20th 2011 - 2100


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Am watching this right now, it's fascinating. Trust the BBC to get it bang on the mark.

The Nerve Block is ingenious, a vast improvement on morphine!

Also, the medics/doctors/nurses etc... don't think I would be able to do that for days on end. Harrowing in the extreme.
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The last time I met Surg Cdr Small he was reading an ode to a haggis while dressed as Wee Willie Winky at the HMS CALLIOPE Burns Night.

A first class officer - and reservist to boot.
Nice to a few faces I remember from the training courses prior to
deployment . An outstanding job out there done by all.
We as a nation should feel very proud of our servicemen and women!
Absolutely Brilliant! And nice to see where the origins of 1:1 (Blood vrs Plasma) came from and it working in practice. We've just opened up a Trauma Unit and one of the things I managed to get accepted was 1:1 based on research / data coming out from the military (I'm a specialist nurse working with Blood Bank).

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