BBC1 - The Bomb Squad - Tuesday, September 13th - 22:35

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Sep 13, 2011.

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  1. Nice find, i shall be watching this, although i would like to see a programme following Royal Navy Divers doing this role in Afghanistan, it would confuse some of my fellow civvies that would....'A diver on land??? :silent: Since when???'
  2. Watch it then, there are navy divers on there tonight-trust me!
  3. whoa excellent....!
  4. You might miss them mate; after months working in the C-IED Task Force many of them have forgotten how to ND or wash :)
  5. Not in Scotland it would seem unless you have Sky etc.
  6. I'm all sorted Sol, it's on BBC HD1 which I get up here also on the regional BBC channels you get up around channel 950 on the Sky box. Just to alert others who don't have the joys of Sky. Thanks anyway though, you are always the font of knowledge.
  7. Being a tight bastard and one who refuses to fund the Murdoch’s you get oodles of channels on Freesat for sweet FA after the initial outlay, I am looking forward to watching Jack in amongst it.
  8. Not really in amongst it you plank, they have a cordon.

    They're not fúcking infantry.
  9. A cordon to keep idiots like you out of harms way.
  10. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yeah. **** knows **** all about this sort of thing. He gets nervous around sparklers.
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  11. Is it true he can't stand party poppers to???
  12. Exactly. You're not very good at this are you?
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  13. I don't need to be when dealing with the likes of you.
  14. Assume the boring bloke with a full set was a matelot then?
  15. I wondered where he was,

    I enjoyed watching this episode, it was the first one i have seen that concentrated on an individual and a group without seeming like a holiday video recording, it hit home the dangers even more, and showed the lads at work like i haven't seen them before.

    Looking forward to the second episode.
  16. A brilliant programme which should be made compulsary viewing for our political masters.My palms were sweating each time the guy started poking around in the sun-baked soil in search of the hidden devices.This was followed by an overwhelming feeling of relief when the operative retired to a safe distance to blow up the IED.They are extraordinary brave men who deserve our greatest respect.
  17. Aye indeed they do.
  18. Can be as boring as you like but it takes 100% bottle to go up against an unknown device you 1/4 wit!

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