BBC1: "Civvie To Sailor (sic)" - Sunday 19th June 2011 -17:30

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Jun 10, 2011.

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  3. after nine weeks of hard training,!!!
    What a joke (nine weeks )
  4. As an old fart who attended Raleigh in 1963 from what I saw during the adverts for this program todays recruits have to be far fitter than ever we were. Well I did do mant 1/4 circuits of the parade ground with a Lee Enfield bouncing on my shoulder but I still reckon we had it easy:-D

    Standing by for incoming from other old farts:pr:
  5. My damaged finger was still in plaster cast when our class did the final PT exam, stood and watched the rest of the class being beasted by the PTI's and was given a pass so we could all pass out from part 2 together, so yes Slim some of us did have it easier. :brushteeth:
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  7. Now available to watch on BBC iPlayer.
  8. Been a year already, another 6 weeks & i'll be fully qualified! Happy Days.
  9. If you pass qm...
  10. :sleepy2: If you had been a bit more skin and younger Slim, you would have spent a nice year on the parade ground at HMS ST Vincent, and have gone to HMS Fulmar far less Rotund.....and fitted into the cockpit of a Mk 1 Buccaneer of 809 squadron more easily :laughing2::laughing2:
  11. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    As an even older 'fart',Victoria Barracks and Indefatigable 1951...I agree whole heartedly. I would never have made the fitness requirements that the kids today have to pass. Maybe because we weren't given little bottles of water to carry around with us.
  12. Sod that St Vincent had a kin big mast that they made you climb, anyway my oppo Proff went to St V and he wasn't very sylph like:-D
  13. Or a gizmo strapped to the upper arm telling you how many calories you have crunched giving you an indication of the number of pies you can eat at the end of your run.
  14. HAHAHA i want one of those, thats my birthday prezzie sorted, cheers sterling!
  15. Hi had anyone got a link to this? tried to find on BBC Ip[layer and no luck, many thnks in advance
  16. As it is over 4 years ago you might be pushing it a bit. It might be on You Tube.
  17. The force you were not using. Han Solo...were you?


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