BBC1: Antiques Roadshow World War 1 Special - Sunday, 6th April 2014 - 20:00

Discussion in 'History' started by soleil, Apr 6, 2014.

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    "The first of two specials marking the centenary of the outbreak of World War I. Fiona Bruce travels with a small group of experts and visitors to the poignant Thiepval Memorial to the Missing of the Somme to hear family stories linked to the conflict.

    Amongst the accounts and objects featured are pictures of horses sent to war painted by a doctor serving on the frontline, bronze sculptures of troops modelled from trench clay, a trunk of poignant fragments representing the life and death of a German soldier, and objects from one of the first women to treat wounded soldiers evacuated from battle.

    Fiona Bruce also meets a 101-year-old lady who recalls hiding under school desks as a child during one of the first bombing raids on Britain."

    BBC One - Antiques Roadshow, Series 36, World War I Special 1
  2. Should be a very interesting program, so far I think the BBC has presented some very good programs concerning WW1.
  3. Interesting.

    A couple of years back we had a phone call one evening from a couple in the Midlands ... seems that her Mother was married to Mrs MG's Great Uncle who was killed at Passchendaele - although his body was never found. She had his medals still in the recorded delivery packet (black crosses) still with the original ribbons as they had never been mounted and wanted to return them to the last of the family and duly passed them over to Mrs MG. Did set off a flurry of activity and we managed to chase down some of his service records and a picture of him in uniform so the plan is to mount them alongside his picture but trying to get a pad to mount them on with the regimental colours on (2nd/5th Bat Kings Own Royal Lancaster Reg).
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  4. The gentleman's name should be one of those inscribed on the Memorial To The Missing at Tyne Cot, MGM.
  5. Yeup! Got a picture of the entry on a certificate courtesy of the War Graves Commission. Will get there to have a look see one day!
  6. You will find it incredibly sobering there, it took my breath away. Truly.
  7. Ps If you do go to Tyne Cot, look out for the Naval graves.
  8. When you get out there, there's CWGC cemeteries everywhere, all worth a visit. There's a good hotel just up the road by the Hooge crater, they couldn't do enough for us when me and mine went.

    The German cemetery at Langemark is well worth a visit as well.

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