BBC World Service - Witness - May 2nd 2014 - The Sinking Of The Belgrano

Discussion in 'History' started by soleil, May 3, 2014.

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    "On 2 May 1982, the Argentine cruiser the General Belgrano was sunk by a British submarine during the war over the Falkland or Malvinas Islands. More than 300 Argentinians died. It was the single biggest loss of life of the war, and its sinking remains one of the most controversial actions of the conflict. We hear from one of the survivors of the Belgrano."

    BBC World Service - Witness, The Sinking of the Belgrano
  2. Gordon Bennet, how many more programmes are the BBC going to waste our money on? Get over it! The Argy's bit off a little bit more than they could chew and as we found out, ships get sunk and men go down with them. RIP to ALL those who lost their lives.
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