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Amazon with Bruce Parry on BBC2 last night: every time I switch to a programme with BP in it he's always in a jungle trying to get high on some locally produced hallucinogenic home-brew, closely followed by the endearing sight of Bruce mustering his kit, producing a variety of technicolour yawns and dockyard pizzas. :pukel:

Does he ever do anything else, or am I just catching the programme at the wrong time?

I wonder what he puts on his CV?


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Maybe... 'have spue will travel'. Lost in translation is the natives saying to each other.. 'We have a right prat here. Lets show him the 'golden rivet'!!
I do quite like the travel part of the programme though.
I think after about the seventh time watching him puke, I felt like doing so myself.

After drinking all that crap, he didn't even get a "vision".

Love the show though.
Sort of liked him until he did that programme jumping naked over cattle in Africa.Wife casually said" He seems to have a bigger nudger than you!" Bastard! hope a pirana takes a bit off!
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