BBC - The Royal Tournament - 1956 - Includes The Field Gun Competition

One of the programmes selected for the BBC's new collection called the BBC Four Army Collection is the Royal Tournament from 1956. The BBC description says:

"First transmitted in 1956, the Royal Tournament includes: an exhibition of drill and marching by the Royal Marines; the Royal Horse Artillery gun teams; the Fort Henry Guard of Canada giving a display of British Army drill of 1867; a race between two branches of the Royal Navy taking guns over obstacle course; and the massed bands of the Light Infantry Brigades."

The whole programme is fascinating to watch, but of special interest will be the Field Gun competition. If you would like to see just that segment, fast forward to 33 minutes in - you will see it there.

The two teams in the 1956 competition were HMNB Devonport and the Fleet Air Arm.

BBC iPlayer - The Royal Tournament: 1956: Part 1
Surely Devonport Division in 1956 Pol ? HMNB's were for those places abroad. Those of us that were around at that time would remember, but I was still a Pompey rate (until 1958).
Thanks for the heads up. I shall watch it later.


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