BBC: "Swine Flu at RNAS Yeovilton"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Jun 18, 2009.

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  1. bad times! can this swine flu actually kill you though?
  2. Depends if the pig sneezes in your face or not
  3. no seriously? Thats not really possible is it!?
  4. Not yet in this country (except a woman in Scotland who was poorly) but plenty of others around the world.

    It's just waiting for autumn to claim it's victims here.
  5. Wardroom ???????????????? :D
  6. lol. im a fit young guy, i have NOTHING TO FEAR!
  7. Depends how tall you are.
  8. According to this report, the swine flu virus was the cause of death. I'm sure her "underlying health conditions" wouldn't have helped though.

    This article from 2005 makes interesting reading. "Outbreaks occur regularly - and we are overdue now"
  9. Is it ok to eat pork?
  10. Just to mention...

    This isn't a 'normal' flu, in that it does NOT claim older victims.

    Whats so bad about this one, is the Younger you are, the more likely it is to be fatal. SO being young and fit isn't really very good in this case.

    The joys of having a mother who's a nurse...
  11. Na bollocks where did you get your education? It's not a normal flu as in it doesn't kill older people? Older people die routinely from the flu every year because their natural immune system typically falls below the 200 cell count (the equiv to someone in the transformation from HIV to AIDS)...the only person that's died of swineflu up til now was a scottish woman - with cancer.

    The only people that vulnerable are those with either incredibly weakened immune systems (old people, HIV/AIDS patients) and people with no immunity whatsoever (babies).

    Last time I checked (admittedly was a while ago) there had been 1200 cases in mexico and of that 1200 it had killed 60 people which puts the kill rate at less than one percent....and you also have to take into account Mexico is a 3rd world country rife with disease and a basic health care system

    *edit:i take back a lot of what i just said after reading this. Insults for being a mongtard are welcome :p *

    *edit 2: OK I take back my apology and stand by my initial statement of wondering what Whizzbang was blathering on about as this is a more recent and more reliable source than some kunting tabloid cocksucking paper.*

    Most vulnerable ppl are babies,pregnant women, people with health problems and people over 50
  12. Your maths leaves a bit to be desired as well.
  13. 60 out of 1200 is 5%, that's a pretty high mortality rate for something as contagious as flu!
  14. Swines at VL and they've only just realised
  15. Yeah I type quickly :p

    You have to remember that the percentage is high...but it's a 3rd world country. If you took into account the amount of people with malaria, typhoid, cholera, dengue fever, yellow fever and the host of other diseases that roam mexico it's still pretty damn good!

    So if you got malaria quite bad...then swine flu finishes you off that's something thats not going to happen in Europe/America.

    Also you have to take into account that once they reach potentially fatal stages of the flu their anti biotic stocks are minimum alongside their health care.

    5 percent in a third world country is starting to sound reasonable...considering what a pandemic could do!
  16. 'Pretty damn good' isn't the term I'd use.
  17. Swine flu hits young adults hardest, as their strong immune systems overreact. To be safe spend a few weeks drunk and sleep deprived to suppress yours. :)
  18. Depends how you view that phrase.

    If you view it in a very noble (but very naive) way of "but any death is terrible" it sounds positively awful.

    However if you view it from a more realistic scientific view that pandemics are inevitable and the "pretty damn good" is to reflect at the amount of people we *aren't* losing to the pandemic (which, could be far more catastrophic as pandemics go, Malaria, smallpox, cholera anyone?)

    But then I'm just a glass half full kinda guy :)

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