BBC spy for insurgents

Doesn't surprise me Blobs, but it does sadden me considerably.
BBC used to stand for BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation, but God knows what it means now.

I like the "This particular page should not have been published. The BBC never broadcasts or publishes information which may put British troops at increased risk." statement. they conveniently seem to have forgotten they were the ones who broadcast that the Argentineans were flying there bombing raids too low against the falklands task group.
I saw that on the Beeb website and the reaction on arrse yesterday. Recently, whenever there is a major event / breaking story, (and it could be anything) the Beeb have taken to posting that sort of statement - as in "Are you affected by floodwater? Have you seen turds floating past the window?" I suspect that what happened was that the junior website staffer used the nearest form of words to copy from, without engaging brain (or maybe it was FBNW / FTR).

That said - it doesn't excuse the complete and utter lack of appreciation that they (the media) are an intel source for the oppo and that there are some things that you just don't write or publish from an OPSEC / PERSEC pov. Hopefully, the reaction will provide a major kick up the arrse to the Beeb, although I'm not holding my breath. They are after all "an impartial news service / broadcaster" (????)


War Hero
Once again the BBC shows how thick-witted it is.

To this day I remember listening to the BBC World Service during the Falklands conflict. The BBC categorically named ships which had been hit by bombs and also recorded the fact that the bombs had failed to detonate. I clearly remember the cries of exasperation onboard when, with two 1000lb UXBs inboard ourselves, the announcement was made.

Then a few days later HMS Coventry was hit and guess what?

The BBC have always denied this, and to this day they continue to lie.

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