BBC: "Royal Navy Submariner Admits Official Secrets Act Breach"

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by frogman007, Nov 13, 2012.

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  1. Ironic that the 'scales of justice' are visible in the photograph.
  2. His dust cover is open. For that reason alone the dick-fingered **** should have his throat cut.
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  3. Where's the irony Finks, you've lost me on that one and well spotted Cúnt.

  4. Welcome to Finks world!

  5. Can't you see it?

    I will be interested to know if it was for hard cash or ideological reasons. As we are at war, if he is found guilty will it be the firing squad?
  6. From the Grauniad:


  7. What! No fee?
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Entirely reasonable. Surprised it ended-up in court to be honest.

    Not. :shock:
  9. '
    Sadly another unwanted blot on the S/M sevice (haven't we suffered enough as it is lately?).

    OTOH good drills & BZ for our Spooks with their sting-ex <<...But the two people he met turned out to be British agents and he was subsequently arrested...>>
  10. That will come later with a loooong, ermm, 'stretch' at the Bar L I'd hope... :evil2: :evil4:

  11. So you know the truth, how very interesting but don't tell me as your lips are sealed.

    The truth always comes at a price.
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  12. Yes he was, well he swung both ways. Not that he should be judged for that.

    That fact that he was a thick as a whale omelette and a traitor however, he should be judged for.

  13. If true what a pathetic excuse for turning traitor. Christ the passed over in the mess just used to borrow a candelabra from the PO crumb-brush, stick a black candle in it, get pissed and wait for the next round.
  14. No, I can't but if you mean it was apt that the scales of justice were showing then you're correct, and since when was war declared or has your dementia locked you into 1939?
  15. Really? **** me they might call me up! Best dig my Anderson shelter.

    You really are a twat.

  16. The war on terror that has been going on for some time now don't ya know and yes I agree, it was apt.

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