BBC: "Royal Navy Minesweepers Patrol The Gulf "

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Feb 6, 2011.

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  1. Just how many mines are left un-swept in the Gulf?. With an Armada of US and British Minesweepers enjoying the sunshine there, there can be few, if any left. Just what are they doing?
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  2. You don't have much of a handle on defence diplomacy including hard & soft power deterrence and the importance of maintaining theatre acclimatisation (people & systems/equipment), reinforcing relationships with our allies, intelligence gathering, environmental data collection, continuation training in theatre, building situational awareness, exercising our logistical capabilities, etc., do you?

    By your logic, all police should be centralised somewhere remote and only ever deploy AFTER a crime has been committed.
  3. Well said, even if it is a ballache having to go to the sunshine every 18 months! :-D
  4. Am afraid i've no idea what you're on about. Theatre acclimatsation--Thought that was what my wife and I enjoyed whilst watching Les Mis in London a few days ago.It was pleasantly cool.
  5. Getting a gucci bit of fanny magnet tape for their No's 1's ?

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