BBC: "Royal Navy Apologises After HMS Dauntless 'Let-Down'"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    I think in future ships should look to ticketing for these events. With less and less ships visits it is always going to be popular and any money spent is value for money against negative PR.
  2. A ticketing system operates whenever a ship comes into Portland; why specifically Portland, I don't know:

    Public invited to board Navy
  3. Nice to see that at least one of them managed to limp out of Pompey - if only for a short jaunt. Scuttlebutt has it that the Navy is so embarrassed how often they are breaking down that they hardly ever go to sea?!
  4. Scuttlebutt? what a nice American phrase. Where are you hearing these rumours from ben?
  5. I think something similar to this happened during Lusty's recent visit to Liverpool.

    I must admit I don't agree with the ticketing - why not just increase the hours or days the ship will be open to visitors? With fewer ships, spending longer away from the UK the opportunities for the British Public to set foot onboard are getting fewer and further between.

    I think it is our duty to give those whose taxes fund our service a half decent opportunity to see what they've contributed towards. While there is still people queuing to get onboard then the ship should remain open.

    If it must be by ticket then the number of tickets available should not be limited; the ship should then ensure there are sufficient opening hours to allow all those persons to whom tickets have been given the opportunity to get onboard.

    Yes I know this may increase the numbers of Ships Company who are required to host these SOTV sessions but that's a small price to pay - they'll still get their run-ashore.

    Personally, I've always been happy to contribute to SOTV - It gives me an immense sense of pride in my Ship and the Royal Navy to show it off to those who are interested enough to queue for hours to see it.
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  6. Scuttlebutt is, you talk shite.
  7. Must have imagined Daring out in the North Sea, Dauntless in the South Coast exercise areas, and Diamond in the Gulf, then (and that's just the ones I've been aboard to check for myself).

    I think you've mistaken the scuttlebutt for the heads, because your source is quite obviously replete with faeces.
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  8. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Has it from where, exactly? Your arse?

    Daring, completing maintenance and upgrades, topping out defects successfully and preparing herself for deployment.

    Dauntless, back from deployment currently detached but soon alongside in maintenance and preparing for upgrades for next operational phase

    Diamond, alongside for training and self maintenance, soon back at sea

    Dragon, soon to deploy after a successful pre deployment upgrade package

    Defender, soon to be in service after an outstandingly successful trials period

    Duncan, soon to sail south after successfully completing pre-acceptance of contract sea trials

    Yep. Its all going belly-up for our troublesome Type 45s, innit?

    Ben - here's a tip. If you wish to know the truth (and you can't get much closer to it in 45s than me), let me know.

    Otherwise, try not to make such a cock of yourself in front of the audience, eh?

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  9. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    Yep we make sure they never go on operational deployments to, say the Gulf.

    Edited - I am sure I saw a big grey T45 alongside in Kuwait, in fact I am sure that I walked around it and scarred the shit out of the PWO team with my driving tot he hotel. I must have been imagining things.
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  10. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Really don't know where people get all of this rubbish from, guns.

    People hark back to the 'good old days'. It took years from launch until Sheffield was finally operationally ready. See also, 'new' Norfolk. The mob sold the first set of T22s and T23s as a job-lot, cheers easy. 42s were that bad, the layout, propulsion, weapons fit, boats, structure and internals all went through modifications, upgrades and total redesign right up to the end. See also 22s. As for 'breaking down' my old ship spent 26 weeks toing and froing from Portland trying to complete BOST because her 996 went repeatedly tits-up. Love to know what the return of Available for Effective Duty was for each 42. Patch that against how often they sat alongside Pompey in SMP or just idling days past and compare with the rather high tempo for 45s and you'll get some perspective.

    45s are pretty much uncharted waters, with a new concept IEP, new concept weapons, bags of upgradability, lean manned and as-cutting edge as the time-lag of military technology will allow. I'd advise all not to judge until all ships of the class have been through one operational cycle. Look at the 23s now. They sit on Weston Mill and Fountain Lake with that hungry-horse look (after years of problematic snagging, combat system highway, radars, prop problems and the like) bristling with all sorts of crafty stuff, looking as much vehicles of naval warfighing than their predecessors, whilst across the way, one of their sister ships is fitting out with a brand new radar which apparently is the dogs conkers. Be an idea if people would stop banging on about why we didn't get twelve (answer: anyone got £12-15bn slopping about in a government fund, plus the manning and maintenance costs through the lifecycle, huh?) and accept we have six, they have yet to reach maturity, aren't perfect (but aren't bad at what they do - ie protect a vast area of seaborne real estate around key assets) but this is how it is gonna be. When it came to it, our good old navy got a big wake up call thirty years ago. Looking at how 45s are, I'm quietly confident this won't be a repeat performance.

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