BBC: "Review Into Criminal Offending By Armed Forces Veterans"

"A review will be set up by the government to look into the reasons why some veterans turn to crime after they leave the armed forces.

Ministry of Defence figures suggest that former service personnel make up about 3.5% of the prison population.

The probe will also see how support could be improved for veterans given custodial or community sentences.

The review has been ordered by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling and will be headed by Conservative MP Rory Stewart."

BBC News - Review into criminal offending by armed forces veterans

Concern over number of soldiers who end up in jail prompts review | UK news | The Guardian
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Lantern Swinger
Same happened in US after Vietnam. In fact more US soldiers died after coming back from Vietnam, that actual casualties during combat. Mainly suicides I believe.

More after-care is needed for our troops I believe...


War Hero
When I first scanned this thread, my thoughts were: "Why is a former employer held to account if someone chooses to break the law or can't find a job to pay for accommodation and finds themselves homeless? Surely it's exactly the same for anyone"

But no, it isn't.

After more than a decade of combat operations there is a ticking time bomb of vulnerable service personnel with mental health problems. It beggars belief that the only people unaware of this are the politicians that voted to send these people to war on their behalf.

The problem is, of course, is that PTSD is not necessarily visible or apparent, even to the sufferer.

Sadly there will always be charlatans who find it easier to exploit the "system" and blame their circumstances on others, but morally, society is surely obligated to look after these people, funded from central government - not rely on the goodwill and charity to pick-up the pieces for poor errors of judgement by successive governments.


Lantern Swinger
All armed services people who have served theior country should jump to the top of the council waiting list if they have no where else to go. Failing that they should automaticaly be put into accomodation of some sort . I was standing outside a restraunt in London a few months ago when this scuffy unkempt so and so came over to me . He quoted his service number rank and unit and proceded to tell me that he had been let go from the army and had no support. I dont know if this is right or not but he wasn't high or pissed . I chatted to him for about 10 minutes where he told me about afganistan and a few of his mates getting blown up ect . He said he got no support as a grunt in the army only hofficers got that . Im not sure thats actually true but he probably had issues .

Maybe I was taken in I dont know, but he was lucid and seemed very much down on his luck . I gave him all the cash I had in my wallet and told him to get some food and find a place for the night. Guilt , probably but I just felt for the poor sod. I hope the 50 quid odd i gave him didnt go on booze and drugs maybe it did, maybe it didnt but it felt right to me.
I suspect that for many of these poor buggers, living in relative luxury in the slammer might be preferrable to living in shop doorways. I have an ex Rupert pal who nearly finished up doing the latter.

9,000 ex-service personnel homeless after leaving the military - Mirror Online
I was sorry to read about your pal, P-o-L and hope that he/she is now OK. Rum Rationers link in to all sorts of organisations across the country who can help in such a situation, so if he/she needs any further help, do let him/her know that it is out there for him/her.

With regard to the homelessness situation, I note the contents of that article. I suspect that something has changed in a way which probably ties in with things hinted at in Ninja's post. In 2005, I met a SSAFA team in a temporary shelter for homeless people and we were discussing the situation re homelessness in the ex Forces' community. I recollect that they said that the numbers were dropping, but it seems clear to me that something happened in the years after 2005 which caused the numbers of homeless ex Forces personnel to rise, but I am not sure what that is.
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