BBC Radio 2 ptsd Falklands 82

Listened to Jeremy Vine yesterday ref some squaddie from3 Para on Mount Longdon in 82 and a book he has just written self promotion of course ref PTSD etc he reckons he killed a few Argentines in the battle on 11 June 82 don't doubt his story at all but then some Guys were txting BBC2 saying they were snipers in the 70s and 80s and had up to 70 confirmed kills???? can someone please tell me were the fcuk this was certainly not NI. One came on air and said he was from the Royal Green Jackets FFS they only get get road kill!! Are these people real who claim these things or have I misread history even in the worse days of Northern Ireland no fecker sniped 70 IRA *******. Some sad feckers around who really believe this shit -

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