BBC: "'No Dedicated Plan' Led To HMS Astute Grounding"

All the obvious stuff aside, Para 64 says a lot to me. I wonder how much money was saved by not integrating WECDIS into the first of class? I would not attempt to condone poor planning, lack of fixing, and lack of clearing bearing monitoring, but, in the 21st century, the tools are available to us if we choose to fit them.
Very few of the leading players in this drama come out with any credit save for person from the lower deck taking the fixes from GPS and offering the OOW advice and suggesting a course to avert running into danger.What on earth was the NO doing acting as Casing Officer?During my time in boats which included a good many personnel transfers I never saw one anywhere near the casing at any time.
It is a clear a few technical snags contibuted to the end result but the rest boils down to human error and slack procedures.


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When did they cut the number of Astutes being built to three?

I never saw a chart on the bridge of a boat in my time, always kept on the chart table and instructions passed via voice pipe to and from the bridge. With the second officer of the watch (usually a senior rate unless at harbour stations manning the chart table) I know that things have changed but can't see why the failure of a tannoy type system should have made a great difference.
Originally there was going to be 8 Astutes, this was cut to 3 but even the dumbo's in government realised you can't bin 6 S boats and 7 T boats and replace them with 3 Astutes so the order went up to 7. Your correct on the rest though Janner, I've never seen a chart on the bridge and comms was always the gob stick first, stanaphone as back up and vioce pipe as back up back up.
The SI team were informed that the voicepipe on Astute was "completely ineffective and for that reason never used".There is no report of anyone being dispatched to check the validity of that claim.I always get a little suspicious when reports say there was a sudden loss of comms at the time of the incident coupled with which every electronic device designed to record the goings on were either not working or not switched on.The only time I ever saw a chart on the bridge of a boat was at harbour stations.Even there had been one in this case it was still dark and would have been difficult to read and by the way I read the report the OOW on the bridge wouldn't have made much sense of it anyway.
On the upside there was no-one injured and only alot of very red faces.Plus of course a few millions to put right the damage.Apparently it it too soon to tell us all the exact amount which I expect with be snuck out on a good day to bury bad news when no-one is looking.
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There but the grace of God, go most of us.

sometimes, just sometimes, shit just happens. It could have been worse - Artemis anyone?
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