BBC News: "The US Navy Seal now living as a woman"

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Ships_Cat, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. I dunno why all the fuss but surely this fella isnt the first trans ex SF you've all encountered...

    BBC News - The US Navy Seal now living as a woman

    While we all know Matelots, booties and super booties that love to whip out the webbing and heels at the first opportunity (hardly even transvestism, just buggering about on sods opera), we all seem to know at least one guy who on leaving the service, has gone the whole journey. Is it that big of a deal? I know gender confusion and identity are serious issues so please lets not drag this straight to the gash barge. I say good luck to her, I hope she finds happiness with her new identity.
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    So why post it in Lil's rather than "The Serious Bit"? [Mod Note: Moved to the Quarterdeck, in a vain attempt to prevent potential crayoning]
  3. Very brave of him, without insulting any of our american friends they ain't notoriously an accepting bunch. Dare i say some cliche such as life is too short to not do things to make one happy.
  4. I guess I was standing by for the usual dit sesh on blokes we knew on board and the dubious locker contents, but at the same time didnt want the thread to get confused and homophobic. Partly my fault for even mentioning transvestite in the same thread as transgendered.
  5. I agree, the BBC article doesn't create fuss, but obv there have been issues with the two marriages, and living with the job and the potential discharge if discovered. I guess I should read the book to find out if it is overblown.
  6. Clearly the SEAL is actually simply preparing for a secret undercover mission to infiltrate and destroy the greatest threat to civilisation. Mumsnet.

    Serious head on..... Best of luck to her and I hope she receives only goodwill and tolerance in future. :hello2:
  7. The USA being such a vast country, has places where she would easily fit in, New York, San Fran, Key West, and others where she would find it harder, rural Idaho, Kansas, Texas etc. Im sure there are some regional differences in the UK, but they're smaller and more localised. Canal Street Manchester vs Eastbourne seafront...?
  8. Yeah i definitely agree

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