BBC News: "Prince William to swap armed forces for royal duties"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by sgtpepperband, Sep 12, 2013.

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  1. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Prince William to swap armed forces for royal duties


    The Duke of Cambridge is to leave the military after more than seven years of service, Kensington Palace has announced. Prince William completed his final shift as an RAF search and rescue pilot on Tuesday. He will now focus on royal duties and charity work, a palace spokesman said.

    BBC News - Prince William to swap armed forces for royal duties
    (Source: BBC News)
  2. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    It's a shame really. He gave the RAF some well needed class with his Household credentials.
  3. Suppose he wanted to get out before he got caught in the pension trap.
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  4. The Missus will be glad to have him home giving a hand with the sprog. No doubt the Crabs will be on the lookout for another celeb to help with recruiting.
  5. Stupid sod he was one in eight as a crab, now he will be one in three with his dad and grandad:frustrated: with
  6. William is a good man. But is this value for money,apparently it cost 1.5 million to train a pilot,can people leave after such short time after all the taxpayer is entitled to know?
  7. That family wasting tax payers money? Surely not!
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  8. Well, as has already been said, he'd have been made redundant when the SAR contract goes private. Many of the SAR force are moving to the civvy company that's got the contract but it probably wouldn't look as good if he did. The armed forces will probably be losing many people with similar length of service anyway. It's not like he could go across to another type of helo either as they all kinda involve combat which as 2 in line he ain't getting to do. Probably not the best use of money training him in the first place but at least he's used the training properly.

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  9. Yes.

    He's done his requisite return of service. Anyway, he's only bailing due to the scrapping of SAR and doesn't fancy proper flying.
  10. That's bollocks by the way, firstly the majority will simply convert. Secondly he could have a combat role if he chose to. He didn't.
  11. Well that's your opinion obviously MLP. I think the whole concept of it going to a civvy company is kinda hinged on quite a few of the SAR force going over. Also I wasn't aware that we were so short of helicopter aircrew in other roles that we need them all to convert.

    Also if you think he, as second in line, had an option to go into combat you are a bigger idiot than that post indicates.

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  12. Combat role doesn't necessarily mean 'deploy' and if it does it doesn't have to mean in the shit.

    I recall people refusing to believe Harry would deploy.

    I guess we'll never know and it's simply aircrew hearsay then. Those pesky Shawbury 60 Sqn buzzes.

    There may be SAR crews banging out to reap the rewards on offer but redundancy seems news to them. It would be preferable to a future of bagfaggery and pinging which is what awaits them.

    Edited to add: I was called an idiot when I said I thought one of the JTACS on Herrick was Harry. I won.
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  13. We probably won't know if he could have gone into combat. The machinations needed to get Harry there would seem to indicate not though. I know Andy went to the Falklands but that kinda snuck up on everyone and as he was already on Invince it'd have looked terrible not to go.

    As for redundancy I didn't actually mean a redundancy payoff. I meant that if he can't change role within the RAF and can't stay on SAR force then he is, by default, kinda redundant. Cos going over to a civilian SAR company doesnt look quite as good as being in the military. What's his other options in the military? Time to go and do royal stuff.

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  14. Or perhaps as heir to the throne he is only doing what he will have to do sooner or later?
  15. I washed my hands with him when he came back on board the iron duke (dressed as a Lt RN) and saluted like a cnut ( light blue one at that)!!!

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  16. Chaps, with the Constitutional limitations he's been dealt, he's made a good fist of it. Flying SAR isn't the safest seat in the house and he's done it. Chopping to other Air Force Rotary will put him in the line for going combat, "I'm a target". His only other option would be, as I see it, wasting a another slot or going QFI Shroppie. No critisism of his aptitude and ability but QFIs don't grow on trees or get Q'd for good attendance.

    He's served in an active slot and, come the big day, he'll understand what his greatest asset actually does; which will be more than his likely Prime Ministers ever will.
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  17. Can you do that in English?
  18. One less WAFU, no great loss - Standby incoming!
  19. Not even a crab mariner!

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  20. Guzzler, are you serious?

    Anyway, I'm suprise that he's going straight to plain clothes without ending his time in a Staff post. Flying a desk might have been good experience for the big day when he sits in the big chair and dons his shiny hat. (Guzzler, sub titles are available for a modest fee) thumbs.gif

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