BBC News: "New study claims ADHD 'has a genetic link'"

I saw that and I also saw the interview afterwards with some scientist or other who says it's all hogwash.

The claim was that 10% of these chavs tested had the gene which means the other 90% of the chavs tested had no such gene but were still a pita.

Research also shows that the majority of chavism are kids from single parent families.

A good slap is still the best cure.

The Newsarse if by far the most well thought out and creditable report especially:

"A researcher on the team said, “This is good news for crap parents, because they no longer need to be ashamed of the frankly terrible job they do of controlling their offspring - now they can blame it on DNA and other stuff they know absolutely nothing about.â€
I do believe that this finding is correct!.
Many chav families seem to have at least one and sometimes more kids with ADHD. Nothing to do with the fact that they get an extra payment from social security, but more likely to be that the kids father is also his brother, uncle and cousin. :p


Personally, I think it's a load of hoop. ADHD is linked to hypoxia. Just no ****** has worked it out yet. Once some bright spark decides to do a medical study linking hypoxia to ADHD - it'll be a hallelujah moment. Just remember you heard it here first.

But you are right they are harder to handle -programmed differently.

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