BBC News: "How To Land An F-35 Jet Fighter At Sea

Hope when they get for real?????? That they have a plane guard helicopter , with an aircrewman /diver, off the port bow. For that little incident, the test pilot on the Sim mentions :sleepy2:
As this project unfolds, the more confusing it becomes. One minute we are buying a carrier to replace ski jump types which had done Stirling service. We then flog all the Harriers at a knock down price.
The replacement aircraft at present needs more development in order for it to work from a carrier, but does it fly off a straight deck or are the new carriers going to be modified with a ski ramp. The way it gets airborne it seems is also a matter of conjecture, cat and trap or VSTOL. Can you cat uphill.
Would have thought that when you spend so much on a ship, you are not left scratching your arse midway during build wondering what sort of a pig in a poke you're going to end up with! And of course blame it all on someone else if it's politically beneficial to so do.
Fck it now I'm late for the pills!:-D
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