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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Tonights head lines in order of priority;

    Gas prices to go up by 40% this winter

    Tankers drivers get 14 % pay rise over 2 years

    And oh yea: 4 Service personnell are killed in Afganistan.

    Sorry to be cynical but dont they count as being more important than the first 2 items?

    Going back to my room now,mutter,mutter.$%&*"£$%^ :rambo:
  2. Totally agree. Just watched C4 news it had an interveiw with the parents of one of the Para's killed last week they are completely devestated.

    Can't and will not go on my words will never be enough.
  3. It's not importance though, it's newsworthyness (if there is such a word), and sadly the answer is 'no'. The more familiar news becomes, the further down the priorities of the media it falls. During the height of the 'troubles' in Northern Ireland reports of individual killings were often relegated to the very end of the news.
  4. Is it worth it ? Mr Broon thinks so . I do not. We will never win there in a 100 years. USSR got pasted and I just hope we dont join them.
  5. It's like most of the news to do with the forces. Normally come up later in the report and 9 time out of 10 they get the facts wrong. Royal Marines being soldiers in the Army and such like.

    Can we really make a difference in Afghanistan, I don't think so!


  6. I'll be a slightly dissenting voice here. It may be that we don't win a decisive military conflict as such, asymetric tactics will always favour the smaller, more mobile "insurgent" type of enemy - one that will expend one or two people to tie down several tens of conventional forces. Short of nuking the country into a radioactive slag, this is something we've got to accept and learn when to disengage. As to making a difference, isn't the reintroduction of education amongst the Afghan population and healthcare for women a good thing - something that was denied to the general populace by the Taleban for almost 15 years. It may not be a huge strategic difference, but a difference nevertheless.

    Whether it's a price worth spilling more blood for is another, more emotive question.

  7. Exactly what is wrong with "nuking the country into a radioactive slag". Keep all options open I say.
  8. I suggest you try watching Sky News. It has wall to wall coverage of Afghanistan almost to the exclusion of everything else plus a special 30 mins each night called "Queen and Country". Sky is doing the Services proud.
  9. Not helped by the Senior Army Officer on the News yesterday stating that all the soldiers in Afg were doing a good job. All the service men and women would have been a better thought out statement. He suggests by his statement there are no RN or RAF in the area. Pompus git! :pukel:

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