BBC News - F-35 fighter jet fleet grounded by Pentagon

The guy that wrote the article, is a Numpty trying to compare it with a Harrier..quote With a top speed of 1,200mph (1,930km/h), the F-35 can fly almost twice as fast as the Harrier, while it also has radar transparency and stealth capabilities - the Harrier had neither.


Lantern Swinger
Avro Arrow

If you did not see the recent TV documentary on the mid 1950s Canadian Avro Arrow, its worth a look.lots on google.
I had never ever heard of this aircraft, shades of TSR2, Nimrod etc.
There are people in Canada who want their government to resurrect this and use it instead of the F35.
All part of being in the 'flight test' phase development!

Teething problems - typical media hype.

Back to bed said Zebidee!
The Harrier was with a doubt a superb aircraft - in it's day - but that is not now.

The new Carriers and the new RN need an aircraft of today to fight whoever the bad guys are today and tomorrow. We have to learn to let go of the past and continue to take technology forwards.

Dinosaurs please take heed!

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