BBC News" Charles De Gaulle Carrier"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, May 27, 2011.

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  1. BBC News - On board France's flagship aircraft carrier off Libya

    Did anyone else watch the 6 o-clock news on this evenings BBC National News. An English reporter on how great the French Carrier was and then extolled the virtues of having a carrier on site. Couldn't agree more with him nor the French captain, "if we had more than one carrier" No reference to the sad decline of our forces. Must be grateful for small mercies I suppose.
  2. We all know the folly of this governments actions and their bean-counters.
  3. For once I'm jealous of the frogs, just how embarrasing is this for us?
  4. jockpopeye

    jockpopeye Badgeman Book Reviewer

    It was a good report but too subtle for most of the sea blind public & politicians I think.
  5. Couldn't we do what we used to be good at........take it off them, where is fuckin hornblower when you need him?
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  6. The French can afford a carrier they haven't pumped billions into a war with Iraq and Afghanistan! Sure they done just about enough to get the French in the public eye as with the beheading of their Special Forces who took no notice about a warning not to go down that route.
    I sympathise with all those French or otherwise who have lost their lives and the French jets do provide good top cover.
    My point is they don't commit the cash for such conflicts as we and the Yanks do and don't mention the Bloody Germans who aren't allowed to go out at night!
    They are taking a lead in Libya but hang on! there's oil in Libya none in Afghanistan! There's your answer,they can afford a carrier, first class rail system,state sponsored Airline,first class Nuclear energy, plus a lot more.
    Oh! I forgot they are or were beneficial from large amounts of EU cash we paid into which they then hoovered up to build carriers etc
    We are idiots and run by idiots, We shelve our Armed Forces in order to help build up other countries Armed Forces!
    You couldn't make it up.
  7. It wasn't the current government that fucked it up.

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  8. Quite right Monty old bean.....previous Governments since the late 50's to the present day have had their own share of ******* 'it' up!

  9. The financial crisis affected many affluent countries, I expect you think the Broon was responsible for that? You don't see these other countries decimating their Armed Forces. This new gang of clowns of ours have been in charge for over a year so don't you think it's time you stopped trotting out the same old blame game shite?

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  10. Pot, kettle. But I digress. As superpom pointed out, this hasn't happened overnight. This has been going on for years and years. If any of us knew the best way forward we'd be in parliament not spouting Ill informed bias on a forum. The previous two governments dealt more damage to the combined armed forces than the present one has (as yet). The well is dry thanks to I'll advised adventures in the middle east and an appalling labour government. Now we just have to chow down heartily on the shit sandwich.

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  11. It would appear that the well is far from dry as Cameron and his gang dole out millions of our money to Johnny Foreigner and he ploughs on regardless making cuts to services for the old and vulnerable and regardless of what Clegg says privatising the NHS via the back door. What he should be doing is applying all his energy to extraditing our troops from the unwinnable Afghanistan as opposed to strutting the world stage saying, 'look at me what a good guy I am'.
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  12. Without lobbing money at foreign countries and with little else to give, our position on the world stage would fast diminish and we'd be alone and fucked.

    I'm with you on Afghanistan though.

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  13. Ah **** it why don't we just get whats left in the pot, have one fuckin great run ashore and the shut the shop.
  14. You have my vote.

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  15. Do we not have HMS Ocean patrolling off Libya? Its from this Assault ship apache helicopters will be deployed when needed. RAF fixed wing aircraft were capable to fly from Italy to Libya and back on bombing missions so there is no need for an RN fixed wing carrier.

    HMS Illustrious has just finished a refit and will be relieving HMS Ocean shortly while she has a refit to 2014.
  16. :angel7:Think you might find the Lusty, is going for scrap, after refit. Like her sister ships!!!! Leaving only the "Mighty Ocean" for the FAA, and yes we got away with not having a Strike Carrier, for the implementation of the no fly zone over Libya. Using the bases in the Med. But will not be so lucky if it is further afield, when tasked in the next trouble spot!!!!
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  17. If you think that having the RAF flying from very expensive airbases in Italy is a good alternative to having a carrier in the area then you are possibly more naive than most newbies on this forum.
  18. No need for fixed wing carrier??? Not if you like spending a fortune on the RAF to stay in expensive hotels etc

    Not the most switched on person
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I thought that the plan was that Lusty would come into the fleet as a helo carrier and replace Ocean whilst she was in refit

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