BBC: "Naked Rambler (Ex-RM) receives longest sentence yet"

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by soleil, Feb 9, 2010.

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  1. "A man known as the naked rambler has received his longest sentence yet for refusing to put his clothes on.
    Stephen Gough, 50, was jailed for 21 months after being found guilty of breaching the peace and being in contempt of court.

    Gough turned down an offer of freedom if he got dressed - and was warned he could spend many more years in prison.

    The former Royal Marine, from Eastleigh in Hampshire, has been behind bars for much of the past seven years."

    BBC News - Naked rambler's longest sentence
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  2. Re: BBC: "Naked Rambler (Ex-RM) receives longest sentence ye

    I bet he's banned from Tesco too. :wink:
  3. Re: BBC: "Naked Rambler (Ex-RM) receives longest sentence ye

    Wonder if it's this guy that scared Private_Pongo off the marines? Or maybe because he lacks a roll mat hes alright?
  4. Re: BBC: "Naked Rambler (Ex-RM) receives longest sentence ye

    Post Dramatic Dress????
  5. Re: BBC: "Naked Rambler (Ex-RM) receives longest sentence ye

    Spookily enough, a pongo set the standard: The Leopard Man of Skye
  6. Re: BBC: "Naked Rambler (Ex-RM) receives longest sentence ye

    Make it out as if we all have crazy tattoos:
    "Tom hadn't collected a single tattoo in all his years in military service, including the navy"
  7. Re: BBC: "Naked Rambler (Ex-RM) receives longest sentence ye

    I suppose the general public shouldn’t be encouraged to go ball gazing by these nature boy chaps wandering about willy nilly.
  8. I know many have marked his card as a publicity seeker or disturbed, but, Stephen Gough is a hero of mine. I think he is right in what he's fighting for; we should all have the right to walk this planet wearing what we arrived here wearing.
  9. Big ups for Stephen, but IMO he's onto a loser as the Jocks seem to have it in for him big time.
    I suggest a bit of a strategic withdrawl, ie don some clothes a pair of cut down Ron Hills or speedo budgie smugglers (Swimming briefs to you.) until into the hills then Bobs your auntie.
    Whilst free accommodations a bonus, why give the Presbertarian Kirk Fecking Rozzers an easy nick!
  10. Fully agre to a certain extent. We all came on this earth naked, Thats life!!
    This man has the right to wander as per nature decried. Where I get a little bit annoyed is that he insists on doing it infront of people who have no idea he is coming! Society has moved on and in this modern society naked people in streets, in front of old folk, in front of children is just plainly unacceptable.
    Although I understand his ideals, he cannot and should never be able to force thes on anyone (which is what he does by running around naked) We, and I hope RR memebers have, moved on and certain things are no longer acceptable in public,what goes on here,on RR, is another matter
  11. Hiding our bodies away can never be seen at progress. The older generations thing I understand but the shocking the kids thing doesn't wash. Kids are more than happy to run around naked until the adults tell them to cover up and transfer the 'shame' onto them. In my book that's because they confuse nakedness with sex, sex being the only time they see another human being naked...
  12. god forbid walk around in that filthy flesh you were born in, behind bars for you, heathen brute for the coy and easily embarassed. get to church and learn some shame.
  13. Re: BBC: "Naked Rambler (Ex-RM) receives longest sentence ye

    It's a crying shame for most of humanity that the laws of most countries prohibits me to expose my magnifcent form. I could stop wars with my beauty.

    Some or all of the above is total b0llocks
  14. Re: BBC: "Naked Rambler (Ex-RM) receives longest sentence ye

    I can just about see the appeal of this in the summer, but doesn't he get terribly, terribly cold in the winter?
  15. Judging by his total comittment to his cause it would seem that the current stand off between the Naked Rambler and the Good Sherrif of Perth is going to be a duel to the death. In the past other plods and courts have managed to get him of their patch after he had served his time but Perth seem incapable of letting some one else share in the fun. A while ago when I stayed in Little Bosnia he stayed for a bit in HM Hotel Saughton for a bit, but clearly the Lothian and Borders plods passsed him on.
  16. You are, of course, right. I do expect, though, that his facial expression might change and perhaps his breathing would become irregular. :oops:
  17. Herald:

    30 strip naked outside Courts of Justice to support Royal Marine

    "Dozens of protesters stripped off today and staged a naked rally outside the Royal Courts of Justice - to support former Royal Marine 'The Naked Rambler'.

    The protest saw around 30 people take off all their clothes to campaign for Stephen Gough - who has spent most of the last decade in prison for refusing to wear clothes."

    30 strip naked outside Courts of Justice to support Royal Marine Stephen Gough, the Naked Rambler | Plymouth Herald
  18. Aye it's a shame, what harm is he doing to anyone, Mr. Bumble got it right.

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