BBC Mag: "What do servicemen learn from skiing?"

Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by soleil, Feb 11, 2010.

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  1. Re: BBC: "What do servicemen learn from skiing?"

    I learnt that after a few swift ones, I was shit at it. I learnt that pissing up in the snow is no different than at home.
    I bloody enjoyed it though. Navy Ski Champs 92, Cnut (RAF) Champs 91.
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    I hear ya... :oops: :wink:
  3. Tree 'stops' hurt.
    Tree 'stops' with mahoosive bergans on hurt more.
    Skiing can be fun as long as the apres ski offers more than a snow hole or construction of a pussers ski village ala tent and cam and single tracks etc etc and no Clubs/alcohol! :D
    MSIs are generally nice blokes with unfortunate ML aspirations. :twisted:
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Tree stops can more than hurt - there was a fatality last week at one of my local ski hills (Calabogie) when an 11 year old girl headed off piste into the trees. However, that won't stop me from skiing - a few hours skiing followed by a few more hours replacing the fluids that I'd sweated off (and celebrating the fact that I've survived) is a great way to spend winter.
  5. TBH the less the armed forces carp on about AT at the current time , the better. folks on the outside are losing jobs and houses. how does it look to hear ET(M) Stokes is recovering in hospital for 6 months after losing out to a douglas fir?

    Or LT (AWW) Princess tippy toes falling off her pony as a member of th RN showjumping team?


    edited for spakker spelling
  6. There is very little AT that the average serviceman does not have to pay for, albeit with some subs. The mob doesn't pay for the upkeep of polo horses. 8O
  7. Yes I'm surprised that redundant civilians aren't clamouring for Servicemen/women to be on tour continually.
    Think of all the money that could be saved on transporting troops to and from war zones. :roll:
    What about all the redundant punters battering down the doors of AFCOs at the moment I'm sure they won't be complaining about AT.
    The main purpose of AT is not for a swan around it is to build confidence, team work and all round fitness. Not to mention bolstering morale amongst Troops who may have just come back from a very different type of 'adventurous' activity.
    I don't think I've ever seen such a pathetic post on this subject as yours.
    Grip yourself!
  8. I feel the undertones of the article were "we have no money but the lads go skiing at subsidised rates". I am glad that the comments all contradict this and support AT.
    I agree it is probably not best to shout about it, but one could argue that if people are going to be recurrently deployed during their harmony time then letting them do some AT is probably a good idea.
  9. So you do not advocate any form of 'downtime' for our busy people then? Or were you just a typical fat twat who sat in the Mess all day moaning about people getting time off for sport, which meant you had to work even harder all day supping cans.
  10. Just had a flash back, mummy mummy the tree hurt me! (Never impressive demonstrating a tree stop as an MSI whislt wearing safety bergan taking a class of novices) 8)
  11. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Snows cold.
    Water underneath ice is cold.
    3 year old little norgie bastards can ski better than me.
    Beer is ridiculously expensive.
    It's absolutely pointless playing "grab a gronk"
    Fish heads fight like girls.
    Metal goes all "spongy" when really cold, and you ignore warnings about touching it.
    Your turn on "candle watch" seems to come around every ten minutes, your oppos every eleven. 8)
    LOA is great.

    That's a few things I learnt from skiing in the Corps.
  12. Reads like a creed that...
  13. Agree with the first five statements, next three wtf and the last I got more LOA in Belgium than Norway which I never understood :?

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