BBC license fee. Is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by fly_past, Apr 1, 2008.

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  1. The BBC has a wonderful thing about it, NO ADVERTS.

    But why then are they running a 13 week talent (pah) show - blatent advert for a lloyd webber show in the west end?

    Is the License fee worth it or do you think that it should be scrapped?

    Are we the only country to have to pay for a TV License.........? :rambo:
  2. We are certainly not the only country with a TV licence:

    Whether in this day and age the licence fee should continue is debatable. I believe that the fee should be reduced annually until it reaches zero. During this time the BBC would have to find other ways of funding it's rather extravagant ways.
    Another of my thoughts is to reduce the licence to £52 and let the BBC concentrate on news, education and low cost entertainment. Forget about bidding for formula one and premier division football, that can be done by the commercial channels. With the BBC out of the competition prices paid for the rights would fall. The Beeb could perhaps concentrate on second and third division football and minority sports who would be only too pleased to get coverage.
    Finally chop all those overpaid celebs like Wossie.
  3. You'll never get it scrapped, no goernment is going to fund the Beeb with aderts and they are not going to fund it from general taxation either, so methinks you are stuck with the licence fee like it or not.
  4. I agree with you. The fee is too high, we are paying for the jumped up celebs and the trips about the world at our expence! Then again - wouldnt you if you could?! :money:
  5. As the Beeb keeps telling us. Due to the unique way it is funded they are able to produce wonderful programs. perhaps they should amend the statement to.........Due to the unique way it is funded they are able to waste money and not be accountable to those funding them.
    I suppose in a very similar way to our much loved politicians
  6. The Beeb has apparently been sold off + kept quiet about it. Which makes it a centralised body no longer. Hoo-ya for 'objectivity' on that one, then.
    TV Licence isn't worth a damn. 120.-odd quid for mind-mushing dross all round, if you look at the 5 main channels.

    Gob-smacked they managed to crank it up to the level of a Lloyd-Webber show....

    Like other forms of media and communication, focus is primarily on popular trends aimed at appeasing the immediate lusts of grunts, chavs and semi-illiterates, leaving us with the entertainment level of a Romanian game show. What does celeb ballroom dancing, ice-skating, Jeremy Kyle and his pseudo-psychobable first thing in the morning do for anyone ?

    Brings up a lateral point.....TV dissolution into intellectual drivel is part of a much, much larger picture :a subversive war on intelligence in other fields such as academia, education and culture. Like feeding kids junk food, keep the masses addicted to mental shite whilst expanding arses stay attached to the sofa = less ability to challenge the status quo as and when the shit hits the fan.

    Is it any wonder I fancy Stephen Fry ???
  7. No! it's time this bloated corporation was trimmed.Sending over 450 people to cover the olympic games is a waste.I shudder at who they will send when the USA election comes along after the last time.
    Every quote from the USA has a diff.reader who was in London a few days ago and returns after a jaunt on full expenses and there are lots stationed there.
    It has good programs but need to produce a card like Sky where you pay for what you want to listen or watch,I find their news very biased and left leaning so I never watch it.
    Things like World radio were necessary to spread the English language but now that's done,,the world speaks our language[except us Geordies!] but the BBC needs to change and remove waste,and Ross/Wogan etc wages.IMO
  8. Time to get shot of it, Sky news is far better anyway.
    The Bloated Broadcasting Corporation.
  9. BBC TV has lost its way and should get other sources of funding, but we should still have to pay for BBC Radio; the best and most professional and informative bar none.
  10. Should have attached a poll to this.

    If i could i would remove it from my TV altogether but since i don't get the choice i have to pay up like everyone else.

    Complete waste of money.
  11. Whilst not actually adverts of goods per se, the annoying thing is having to sit through their self adverts for three minutes between programmes

    Then spending fortunes on the different logo images every couple of months, what was wrong with the old clockface ticking the seconds away until the next prog began

    As for the Wogans and Wosses at astronomical salaries, why not let some Jack have a go

    I would sign up for ten years for one year of Wosses salary, as I am sure most other people would,
    Then when they become a household name and put the beeb up to ransom tell them to Foxtrot Oscar and employ some other matelot to do it if they decide to go

    Jack McH
  12. When there's no more licence fee and just wall to wall commercial television, we will probably enjoy the wall to wall s**t the septics inflict on themselves. Regrettably, the argument goes that the BBC should chase viewer ratings with programmes providing the lowest common denominator. Why? because everybody pays the licence fee, so the programmes should appeal to everybody. It's a form of socialist bollocks, of course and the BBC should be attempting to raise standards and not simply following them downwards. The BBC seems to be run by socialists.

    I support a publicly funded BBC but I also support a BBC that has the balls to shun, so called, popular "culture"; and that includes bloody sport. Anyway, BBC Radio alone is probably worth the licence fee.
  13. wether or not were stuck with it, there's no funding from anywere else
  14. Yes a million times over.
    If you have ever had to witness/listen to the utter rubbish that many other countries have as radio and TV you will know why.
    Despite the endless 'reality' and dumbed down game shows it remains the best quality broadcasting company in the world. It's charter gives it great independence which would be instantly lost if the commercial world got its hands on the corportation.
  15. I must agree with Sussex, across the board the UK Broadcasters are of the highest standard anywhere in the world. This is primely led by the BBC who set the standards with World Service, Radio's 2,3 5 and in particular Radio 4.

    Now these may not be your bag and 24 hour soft pop and inane chatter together with quiz shows, reality TV and Celebratory news may be what you want, but it is the pressure from the BBC that forces the Commercial sector to maintain reasonable basic standards.

    Where else in the World can claim to have decent radio/TV. Oz. USA (only Public Broadcasting). Spain I think not. Now both brilliant and excellent programmes are produced by other countries but they are not the norm for its excepted daily output. DUMBING DOWN is the norm held in check only by the Beeb who are also responsible for the same when pressure in finance is placed upon them.


    Tad annoyed of Tunwells Bridge, Kent.

  16. Nutty,
    Do you not think that the BBC is still showing (TV) pretty much crap as it is already and a lot of repeats?
    Apart from Eastenders and the news, a lot of the BBC 1/2 stuff is repeats and or crap! Reality TV, Vote for this/that at £1.50 per go, low brow entertainment.
    I know that radios 1- 5 are of a reasonable quality but even these are suffering a lot lately.
    The fee is now well over £100 per year - and we HAVE to pay for it if we want to watch anything on a TV Even Videos of films/family vids or DVD's.
    It is not so much the shows I object to, but the draconian way it is put about tthat you must have......
    As for if it is worth the fees - the answer is NO!
  17. Fly-past

    I would not disagree that IMHO BBC TV produces a lot of crap, but in my experience, nigh on all other countries TV output, is in comparison UTTER CRAP, you only have to watch the camerwork and production of a football match by Spanish or Italian TV (The other two top league football countries) and compare that to SKY or BBC to see the difference let alone the standard of acting in Spanish or Mexican (V. popular in Spain) soaps compared with East Enders or Corry St.

    Draconian is only here because of the technical advances in detection. No different to various M/V speed detection kit, car number plate recognition, tachographs et-al. In the good old days one licence would cover a whole Senior Rates Mess even if it had 500 TV's now that was clearly not right when a single person in a large block of flats had to have an individual licence.

  18. I'm with you on this one fly_past. Within a few years the whole of the television network will become digital. In this case why not give people a choice. If you want BBC then you pay the licence fee and they issue you with a smart card which gives access to their channels, non payers don't receive. They could also offer this service to the rest of the EU meaning all those now watching for free would have to contribute. Now this is not going to happen because the government know that take-up would be extremely low and the BBC as an organisation would collapse.
    Let's face it the licence fee is just another tax.
  19. ...Fair point Kentish Man- guess it's the general feeling about what we get for our money these days . Don't necessarily think foreign TV so relevant though chuck- it's odd at the best of times ( Japanese game shows spring to mind- we think we've got problems)! As I would suspect most Brits don't speak other languages (whatever outstanding qualities we have, learning a second language ain't generally amongst them), we can remain concerned enough about what is 'appening on our own fair shores....

    I don't see how the Beeb can avoid being affected by the garbage seeping across all TV channels and the cultural impact of wider issues.
    'Strange Places, Questionable People'....John Simpson's book gives lucid insight into it's workings, albeit a little out of date .

    The concern we all have is a good sign though, a very good sign....those at grassroots level as always being the one's on the ball.Might be worth producing a synopsis of this thread and posting it to the Beeb.
  20. Not sure if it has changed but Kiwiland have no tv license mind they have no tv.

    Honor Blackman and The Avengers has just reached there I was told last week!!! Bruce Foreskin and Sunday Night at the London Palladium is all the rage

    Did like the ads though. Sheep fencing and sheep dipping. The sheep dating pgm a big hit. EWE BELONG TO ME.

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