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BBC: "Liam Fox Quits As Defence Secretary"


War Hero
Fox had the arrogance to suggest the military chiefs were wrong to raise concerns regarding defence cuts, suggesting he knew better.

Some would hope he loses more than his ministerial post for compromising the UK's military security on many levels.


War Hero
that other NITWIT Letwin too what the hell is he doing throwing official secret documents in public litterbins

As Jimbo says, it appears there was nothing Secret about what Letwin was stuffing in the park bins. Question whether the letters were even worthy of shredding. Private yes, secret no. They may have well ended up in another bin quite legitimately.

But yes, what a dick.


Lantern Swinger

Yes, not "secret" - but official and I think that the Information Commissioner might want to have an impolite word with him.

Officials are meant to dispose of papers with names and addresses securely so that they cannot be used misused by third-parties.

BUT, of course, such rules are not meant for the "gods" only for ordinary people.



War Hero
There's an enlightening article in todays Independent Online that explains just why Fox really had to go, forget all the moral points and notes on his poor decision making, it seems the darling of the far right simply left his backers (who prefer to remain hidden in the murky background of political lobbying) exposed, the press were following the money and began to get far too interested in the details. Don't you just love the way we've allowed our modern 'democracy' to be 'privatised'.

How Britain works: follow the money - UK Politics, UK - The Independent


War Hero
A good buzz from the Observer today: "Fox actually wrote his resignation letter a week ago,but made the mistake of giving it to Oliver Letwin to hand to the prime minister.":slow:


Lantern Swinger
Hopefully he'll soon go flying with the Fleet Air Arm... Hammond High.

or maybe he'll visit the lads of 45 Cdo, X-Ray Coy perhaps... Hammond X


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Hopefully he'll soon go flying with the Fleet Air Arm... Hammond High.

or maybe he'll visit the lads of 45 Cdo, X-Ray Coy perhaps... Hammond X

Let's hope he doesn't make any silly mistakes, like his predecessor... "Hammond (in a) pickle".


War Hero
I just find it increasingly depressing that so called intelligent people can consistently make such stupid mistakes in public office when (presumably) they are literally surrounded by "official" experienced advisers.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
What I want from my Government's leaders is sound judgment, not naivety. It's bad enough having all these infantile Liberals clegging up the works.


Lantern Swinger
Wether Liam Fox is, or was guilty of anything apart from poor judgement is now academic; the thing we need to be wary of is the incoming SoS, Philip Hammond and his almost total compliance to the party line, rightly or wrongly. He has presided over the HS2 fiasco since becoming Transport secretary, following the diktat from Millbank dweebs that HS2 should go ahead despite bucketloads of independent evidence that the project is flawed in concept and doomed to failure.
If he takes the same stance with MOD funding cuts in his new job, we'll have a battle royal to keep a few rowing boats in commission, never mind a coherent fighting force.


War Hero
No, no, no, no, no; Yes

I just find it increasingly depressing that so called intelligent people can consistently make such stupid mistakes in public office when (presumably) they are literally surrounded by "official" experienced advisers.

Ah, well its all just part of the Big Society....we can now get people to volunteer to attend International meetings at thier own expense. You see the PM is wanting all of us to take a greater share in our civil life, the idea of the odd street warden or charity social worker has grown to all parts of the new government.

Dr Fox managed to find a chap that would save paying a civil servant, and all the related expenses. Yet the SoS still had a sizable enterage et al as he traveled round the world.

I have no idea what all the fuss is about..........


Book Reviewer
Apparantly its nothing to do with Fox, its all the Journo's fault, if they hadn't published what was going on he wouldn't have been doing anything wrong!


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Recently released NoTW surveillance photo:



War Hero
good! the corrupt scumbag.

I can see why you might approve and I can accept that to many he is probably a scumbag. He also was incredibly stupid and naive and I don't doubt that he has let everyone down by his actions - I am not sure whether I have seen anything that proves (or even strongly suggests) he is corrupt (source please)

BTW, I am not defending him any more than I would defend any person who is accused of wrongdoing in the absence of evidence to prove the wrongdoing (except Blair or course - I am quite happy for any accusations to be thrown willy nilly in his direction with or without substantiation!)


War Hero
Ministry of Defence Official said: "I can confirm that in accordance with the Ministerial and other Pensions and Salaries Act 1991, Dr Fox is entitled to a severance payment of £17,207, equivalent to one quarter of his annual ministerial salary and which is payable on 30 November 2011."

While Fox 'resigned' as a Minister, he continues to sit on the Conservative backbenches as Member of Parliament for North Somerset, with an annual salary of £65,738.
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