BBC: "Liam Fox Quits As Defence Secretary"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. To quote a Queen song, "Another one bites the dust!"
  2. Dr Fox,

    Having shafted the Royal Navy with your defence cuts you now know what it feels like !

    Would you kindly turn the lights off on the way out !

    You are the weakest link,

    Goodbye !
  3. I suppose at least his oppo can help him tidy out his office!
  4. Probably get him a job with Mossad. Fox? More like a lamb in sheeps clothing:pottytrain2:
  5. Better the devil you know.

    We were going to get shafted regardless of who the secretary of defence was, especially considering that CDS was a crab.

    But at least he understood life in the forces and stood up to the PM, who would have cut deeper if Fox wasn't there.

    It's another example of the press hounding someone out of office before all the facts were revealed and a short sighted story being more important than the long term interest of the country.
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  6. So, Fox hounded out at last.
    And I thought Fox hunting had been banned.
  7. From the time this story broke it has been almost inevitable the Dr.Fox would have to resign.We have not seen the result of the inquiry as to whether he breached the Ministerial Code but we can be certain that it would not have been in his favour.Hence he resigns now before he has to be sacked.
    Who's next? try Oliver Letwin who has been filing his constituents letters and others in the waste bin in the local park rather than in his office.BBC News - Oliver Letwin apologises for dumping papers in park bin
  8. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Or possibly a man making a quick getaway before all the facts are revealed, as for a short sighted story.... really? Do you actually believe this idiot has done nothing wrong, at the very least he has allowed himself to have his own reputation and the status of his position brought into doubt - I wonder what my company would think if I started to drag my unaccountable mates around to the offices of my clients and went to them for advice on the company business, I doubt they would ask me to resign.............

    A man who couldn't see that the way he managed his private relationships would be perceived as having an affect on, if not influencing, his work and responsibilities calling into question his ability to make rational decisions based on the interests of his employer is an idiot who should hold no expectation of life in public office. A man who knew what he was doing attracting financial gain for either himself or his mates by directly trading on the influence he held or information he was able to pass on gained in the course of his employers business is something else entirely. The Torygraph are painting Fox as the latter in todays paper which for me foretold this evenings news long before it was revealed.

    Neither characterisation reflects the sort of person I'd want to be holding the second most important brief in Westminster after the Treasury!
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  9. 'Hounded out' indeed, the mans a scoundrel who abused his lofty position for which there is no defence, it’s another piece of excellent investigative journalism that has ended with a good result.
  10. The Letwin thing really pisses me off. I (and all other members of HM Forces) have to sit through hours of e-learning modules for information management etc to teach us that USB sticks shouldn't be destroyed by giving them to taxi drivers - then a Minister dumps papers in the bin in a park. Do they have to do the bloody e-learning crap?
  11. You been at the surgical alcohol Doc, there is a separate thread running on Letwin. ^_~

  12. Only after the outcome of the investigation will we know whether he has been up to severe wrongdoings or he has made a error in judgement that did in fact require him to stand down. Although ultimately, you have to weigh up the job he was doing in the MOD and the harm his departure could cause in the future shaping of our armed forces against the potential harm in him staying in his current role under the media spotlight.

    His shenanigans must have been known about for some time and they have been leaked out now for a reason, which we know not why.

    Makes no ******* difference now anyway because he's gone!
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  13. Met Dr Fox on a couple of occasions on courses about 10 -15 years ago was one of the best "Instructors" Ive had.

    Remember a lot of the stuff he taught better than others that gave similar courses since, Mrs Dr Fox was also V good.

    But is he Werritty`s bitch or is Werritty`s his bitch?
  14. I bet Fox's paymasters in Israel are gutted that they have lost their stooge.

    I'd be careful who I answer the door to Mr Fox .. oh, and don't go for any lonely country walks in the near future ...
  15. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Fox may have presided over SDSR 2010 but his hand was forced by what the previous administration signed off on and the Treasury. That minor defence of him doesn't mean I like him.

    When the Fox story first broke I was amused / annoyed at the muppets who thought that there was something outrageous and national security undermining about giving a pal a rent free room and letting him visit MoD as if the wallpaper was Top Secret and nobody without a MoD 90 or CS ID ever gets beyond the MoD Plod with the MP5.

    However, the story grew legs and it seems Fox turned out to be facilitating Werritty's statesman / martial / big business player fantasies and Fox has been operating without CS cover. I'm glad to see Fox go, sacked would have been preferable and now Werritty can't walt the world since chum Fox is on the back benches. Oh dear, how sad.

    Is Fox bad to the bone? I don't think so, like many politicians, just naive and not as smart as he thinks he is. So not good enough for SoS Defence then. Health would surely be more appropriate but when did HMG ever put a square peg in a square hole? Never, you see, MPs are like naval officers. The very fact they are MPs means they have Shackleton powers of leadership and are the polymaths' polymath, more versatile than a Wilbur Smith hero.

    And those chimps on the opposition benches needn't crow. Had the boot been on the other foot, a Labour minister's unofficial aide type shadow chum would have been magiced onto the public payroll and would have been stiffed for a few hundred pounds a month for a camp bed in the boxroom.
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  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Philip Hammond appointed Defence Secretary as Liam Fox resigns.

    As an ex Treasurer man he can be counted on to watch the pennies and implement any further cuts I would imagine.
  17. =====================================================


    Matt (DT cartoonist) today depicts a MOD CS, with telephone on hold, inquiring of his superior:

    <<...'It's Adam Werritty. Can he still come on the next foreign trip anyway?'...>>
  18. Of course he has done wrong and he has paid the price deservedly too.So should that other NITWIT Letwin too what the hell is he doing throwing official secret documents in public litterbins

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