BBC: "Legal Claims 'Could Paralyse' Armed Forces"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Oct 18, 2013.

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  1. Now I know why there are 40 RN Barristers!
  2. Easy. Just disband our armed forces and replace them with lawyers to sue terrorists or other enemy forces under the Human Rights Act. That way, a ship's CO, boarding party leader, Army section leader, pilot of an aircraft, etc., won't have to worry about being hung out to dry by the MoD and/or tried by the International Criminal Court if he or she makes an erroneous split-second decision in the heat of combat. You know it makes sense.
  3. How about we withdraw from all forms of conflict, peace keeping missions and any form of military campaign not on UK soil because the other side don’t play fair.
    I think the perception is we have to operate with one hand tied behind our backs with defence cuts whilst the enemy kick you in the tender bits because you have been blindfolded by the lawyers and defend by the cries of I am going to sue you, then claim political asylum and live of your taxes.
  4. I heard Lord West of Spithead debating this in the Lords yesterday. He said:

    "Lord West of Spithead (Lab): My Lords, does the Minister not think that this is another example of a number of cases where people are looking at combat through the prism of peacetime? We have seen some extraordinary decisions made in coroners’ courts. We have seen some extraordinary things come out about Bloody Sunday, and we are seeing an extraordinary position as regards the issue being discussed today; I agree totally with the noble and gallant Lord, Lord Craig of Radley, on the subject. Is it not important that we should get the message across that combat is different? A number of us in this Chamber have been in combat and we know that decisions are made in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. People around you are either dying or are in fear of dying and sometimes information is very scant, whereas those with all of the information are taking hours and hours on a warm and balmy afternoon to come to decisions about our military. When we talk about the military covenant, in the end the most important for our military is to be given the ability and the tools to actually fight and win. All of these things are negating that ability."

    Lords Hansard text forÂ*23Â*OctÂ*201323 Oct 2013 (pt 0001)
  5. I have to agree with his sentiment
    Unless you have been up shit creak without a paddle for your canoe, with alligator’s chasing you as lunch, it is then sometime difficult to remember the original job was to clean the swamp, and you remember how pissed of the chief is going to be when you tell him you lost your paddle?
  6. Additionally, the "nice and well meaning" people will probably try to claim that this is not intended to restrict people at the pointy end but to bring people to account at the blunty end. Usually that will mean people who didn't provide the right kit in the right numbers in the right location; and probably will. What it won't bring account to, though, is the penny pinching buggers in the Government, Parliament and the Treasury who didn't provide the means to "safely" do the things that the Government commits to.

    Funny how Civies, Papers and allied Mejia see the World in neat black and white terms.
  7. What is the world coming to? Then again look at the ads on this page!

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