BBC: "Joint Strike Fighter Decision Was Flawed, MPs Say"

That's some weighty tome Soliel. Looking at the members on the committee, one can only wonder what they know about defence taters or procurement.
Ironic how the politicians blame the mod per se for the bad decision making where in fact the whole decision making process on the jsf was taken purely by politicians and very likely in fighting between the raf:pottytrain5: and the navy. As I understand it the mod project team had very little input on the change
Difficult to know who to blame with everyone blaming the other.

If they had ALL decided on what we needed from the outset and not swayed this way or that.

Just another procurement cluster **** that will cost millions if not billions!
The requirement was always quite clear as I see it two variants for each service butvthat was always going to be exspensive until the polies good idea turned up

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