BBC is for dummies, apparently.

Why is Masterchef repeatedly referring to one of its contestants as a "childrens' doctor"; is the UK really too dumb to know what a paediatrician is?

AND I caught Radio 4, the other day, explaining that bilateral talks were between 2 countries: really, that's a bit of a shock!
The reading age of the Sun Newspaper is maintained at 9 years old, with other red tops not far behind.

I love it when someone quotes the Red Top Newspapers during a discussion to reinforce their view; it's like referring to one of Lonestar's ill-informed posts about Afghanistan during a debate with General McChrystal.
StixJimboRM said:
I noticed the Masterchef thing, I personally think that the BBC, in its wisdom, believe that the population will think he is a kiddy fiddler if they call him by his correct title!
I remember that in 2000, after the News of the World published sex offender details, the home of a Paediatrician was actually attacked in South Wales. I think it was about the same time as the Paulsgrove Paedo Riots.

Guardian Article

You couldn't make it up . . .
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