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Can you please check out 'Remembrance Sunday - The Cenotaph' on BBC iPlayer.

Time-line 01:19:18 - 01:19:25.

Sorry I can't link it for you - new at this and my first post.
He's wearing well for someone who was in WW1, either that or he's hung the WW1 gongs on the wrong side of his jacket.

Wonder if he had trouble getting a sand beret so had to opt for a maroon one to put the regimental badge on!


War Hero
To be fair, the guy could just be a bit nuts. In fact there is a good deal of circumstantial supporting evidence in my second screenshot. I don't feel particularly outraged, just mildly bewildered. Then again, I didn't need this guy to help me arrive at this juncture.

It kinda illustrates the point I was trying to make on another thread about the seemingly never-ending procession of those we're not supposed to forget. How could we? :)


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I'm pretty sure this unfortunate individual has already been bubbled.

The problem is, he could well have "issues".

Whilst it's rather daft trying to pass yourself off as something you are not (Except whilst trapping - I'm still an F35 test pilot, remember) hounding him to potential suicide is not really a good idea. I've no doubt the civilian, never-served, outraged members of the Walter Mitty Hunters Club would disagree, but frankly....

Unless financial gain is involved I'm not really arsed. I've been pretending to be a Chief Stoker since 1997.:)
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