BBC: "How To Make A Royal Marines Officer"

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by soleil, Sep 13, 2011.

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  1. The BBC has recently started to put together a selection of programmes previously transmitted which relate to the Armed Forces. Much of the collection is about the Army, but there are one or two which feature the Royal Navy - "How To Make A Royal Marines Officer" is one.

    The collection is actually called the BBC Four Army Collection, but the BBC says this:

    "The Royal Marines are part of the Navy. This two-part programme, which follows the tough 12 month selection process, is included in the BBC Four Army Collection as it provides a compelling contrast to the training programmes provided by the Army which are featured elsewhere in the collection."

    Originally broadcast in the summer of 1989, the two programmes show the progress of 29 would-be Royal Marines Officers at CTC. You can see the two programmes in full here:

    BBC - How to Make a Royal Marines Officer - Episode guide

    If you would like to just see a couple of short clips for the time being, check these out:

    BBC - How to Make a Royal Marines Officer, Part 1, Initiation into the Royal Marines

    BBC - How to Make a Royal Marines Officer, Part 2, The Commando Tests
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