BBC: "HMS Tireless Returns To Plymouth Base After 10 Months"

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by soleil, May 12, 2011.

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  1. Outstanding effort boys, enjoy your leave (apart from the clankies who, as ever, will be busy!)
  2. I managed four days and was going stir crazy. That said conditions in the bomb shop were much better than the lads in the rack. As for the back afties, they deserve every penny - and some. Really good bunch of lads aboard.
  3. Thanks Asst_Ed. Just out of interest, was anyone exposed to the engine room temperatures that "rarely dropped below 48ºC and on occasions touched 60ºC" when east of Suez and, if they were, for how long? Pyrexia normally develops around 39ºC and the maximum a human has been known to survive is 46.5ºC (link).
  4. They did either 3hr or 4hr stints in the engine room - the lad I chatted to said he took a break every half hour to grab a drink and escape from the temps.

    It was a mere 32˚C in the manoeuvring room, but at least the blowers made it more bearable.
  5. I've had temps approaching, if not equal to that. On Turbs doing max chat across the equator the temperature was high enough that when you dhobeyed your nix and sox in the donk shop they were dry 2 mins later. On Traf we lost ventilation fwd for 10 days when in the Indian Ocean (sea water temp about 30c) which was the most uncomfortable time I've ever experienced.
  6. sgtpepperband

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    You picks yer branches, Wrecker... :wink:
  7. JJ1


    Would HMS Tireless have visited any foreign ports on this deployment, or has she been at sea constantly for 10 months? Also, what does silent running actualy involve? What can crew members not do during silent running which they can do during normal running periods? Finaly, other than seeing their families, whats the one thing submariners look forward to doing after a long deployment such as this?
    Well done to all the crew!
  8. Answers are in the article ;-)

    If you'll allow a brief visit to Skimmerland (cough, splutter) on the subject of temperatures, I remember being out on Lancaster about 10 years back off Iraq in June or July when the air-con packed up for several days. I looked at the temp gauge in the bunk space at 3am one night and it was over 100˚F. Very unpleasant.

    Still not as bad as Saif Sareea back in 2001 and the 130˚F temps in the afternoon in the Omani desert. Being a civvy I was flaked out but the Royals were still playing volleyball...
  9. They would have had runs ashore and 5th watch changes so not all of the ships company will have done the full 10 months though a fair few will have. Silent running in this case means no sending/receiving e-mails, reduced machinery evolutions, permission required for movies/DVD's (standard practice anyway) and stopping any noisy routines.

    Apart from seeing the family I always looked forward to a run ashore. In cold war days we nearly always had a foreign run ashore before getting back to the UK and that first pint in a pub was nectar.
  10. sgtpepperband

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    Noshing off your oppo (but really quietly.)

    Noshing off your oppo with a Nomex glove.

    Noshing off your oppo from another boat.
  11. Sounds like your desperate for a bit of man love SPB, are you feeling lonely? ;-P
  12. JJ1


    Cheers wrecker, appreciate the info
  13. Yes,
    Reducing the acoustic/non acoustic signature of the submarine to as low as possible,
    They sleep when not on watch,
    drinking/ normal life/ spending cash saved at sea.

  14. Especially if you failed in your first one :pottytrain1:
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  15. :thumbleft: :pirate:..................................
  16. ======================================


    For the statisticians out there:

    NN reports oodles of Snorkers (Good Oh!) consumed <<33,160 sausages>>
  17. SEX, BEER & SMOKING (if ya a smoker)

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