BBC: "HMS Cornwall Returning To Plymouth Base For Final Time"

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by soleil, Apr 26, 2011.

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  1. It never ceases to amaze me that at the time of my service, you could be sent to DQ's for publishing "Ships Movements", now they put them on the BBC.:toothy3:
  2. Don't think it really matters nowadays, the only time ships are mentioned their on their way to the scrappies, or have run aground in Scotland. Sad thing was that on this mornings news it stated that "On returning to Devonport for the last time several of the ships company did not know if they would have a job." Seems to me that the only way to secure a future in the armed forces would be to serve your 22 in DQ's. Bloody sad state of affairs.
  3. I did in fact try that but found they wouldn't give me a nice medal at the end of it.
    Bugger, had I have known that I would have been good.
    I love bling.
  4. It will be missed, I enjoyed my time on the 'fighting Ice Cream' RIP another T22
  5. SIB in a Complement Billet? Whatever next?
  6. Im pretty sure my catering course at Raleigh never covered that, i believe i was unlucky enough to join RR at the wrong time. Please stop confusing me with some one else!!!!!!!
  7. Confused, Moi? I'll have to check with Witsend when he returns from his Official Visit to Sgt. Peppa at the RNPHQ.
  8. Now i am fully confused lol
  9. You've passed - Welcome to RR.
  10. Thankyou what did i pass, apart from wind on the odd occasion? Im glad to be hear its a good laugh

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