BBC: Henry Allingham crosses the bar

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Jul 18, 2009.

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  1. Re: BBC: "Henry Allingham has sadly passed away"

    Truely The Best Of British. Rest In Peace Mr Allingham.

    We really must never forget what happened in WW1 the things them poor lads went through are to much to take, hell on earth!! Least We Forget
  2. Re: BBC: "Henry Allingham has sadly passed away"

    Rest in Peace. A great man, from a great era.
  3. Re: BBC: "Henry Allingham has sadly passed away"


  4. Rest in peace Henry!.You are now with all your old friends
  5. He said "Don't remember me, remember all those that died"

    Rest in Piece old soldier.
  6. He was a diamond in a dull world, what he did and what he saw must have been an incredible thing to bear and yet he did it with quiet humility. May he now rest in peace with his fellow comrades in arms. I for one will raise a glass to him tonight!
  7. Hear hear!

    My father told us of men who made this nation Great,
    Men leaving the warmth of their loved ones and knew,
    Fighting the might of the many,
    Was to fight for the very lives of the few.

    Those who witnessed inumerable an evil deed and presented no end in view
    Would rise in temerity to the call with austerity and courage anew.
    For those who were lost and died the enduring pain would reside
    In the hearts of their comrades, the father, the son, the bride

    For those the sword could not reap,
    This heftier burden was theirs to keep,
    A many who fought, sacrificed and who went when told,
    There were those who expired then those who retired,
    Legends of old.

  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    When asked for the secrets of living to a grand old age Henry replied "Whisky, cigarettes and enjoy yourself."

    A true serviceman,

    RIP Henry you've earned your rest.
  9. :cry: Fantastic pictures.
  10. When asked how he'd like to be rememberd, he said "I don't, I want to be forgotton. Remember the others" which sums him up really.

    RIP Henry
  11. I've just watched a clip on Sky News where he said that. I have to confess the room suddenly became very dusty. If I can only display half the dignity this man showed throughout his life I'll be happy.

    RIP Sir.
  12. A truly great man, and we are all honoured that he fought for our country.
  13. Fantastic bloke, great advert for matelots and will be sorley missed in this world. It is defo a poorer place for loosing him.
  14. I think I was in the same dusty room.

    RIP, and I'm sure you're with all your old oppos.
  15. Goodnight Godbless Shipmate!

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