BBC: "Faslane Protesters Carry On Camping After 30 Years"

One wonders how they can continue to live there ... no poll tax, no jobs, not making a useful contribution to society and sponging off the State! Roll on devolution so I won't be supporting them!

Mind given that the general impression of them north of the border are that they are all tight fisted misers I can't imagine that they are going to look too kindly on spongers when they have to support them without the assistance of us Southerners!
No admiration from me, bunch of wasters IMHO. As for Greenham Common, those protesters made me laugh when they claimed they'd won because the missiles were removed. Somewhat delusional if they thought a bunch of, no doubt well meaning, scranbags camped outside a fence ended the Cold War.
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a bunch of, no doubt well meaning, scranbags camped outside a fence ended the Cold War.[/QUOTE]

Got to be the best quote of the week. I can't put those little smiley twats up either.
A quote from the BBC article sums up this 30 year protest rather nicely.
"The handful of people who live in the camp have no impact on the community or the workings of the base."
I was (sadly!) born, brought up and finally escaped from H'burg. As far as I and my remainining family are concerned they are a giant corpuscle on the rump of humanity. Initially sponsored by a left wing (Dumbarton) council that allowed them to camp and place caravans on the verge when in town the rate payers (as was) were not allowed to park their caravans on the side of the road. I hate the smelly bastards.

I wish a plague of locusts and the fleas from 1000 upon them and their like.

Somebody help me off this fence............... please!
The problem is though, that these great unwashed spongers do have an effect in the local community and the base itself too. They cause numerous incidents where the base has to shut down therefore stopping folks getting out of the base to continue with their lives. The sooner someone gets rid of that eyesore of a camp the better.

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