BBC Documentary-Your story of Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Morgana, Nov 22, 2006.

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  1. Dear Rum Ration members,

    I’m writing in the hope that you may be able to help me. I’m writing on behalf of Touch Productions, about a landmark documentary we are making for BBC2.

    Touch Productions is an award-winning production company who specialise in documentary and history programmes. Over the last 20 years we have made many high profile pieces. Some of our most acclaimed films have followed people or organisations at highly sensitive periods, including films with the armed forces, the police, hospitals, hospices and schools. As a company we are often invited back because of the high levels of trust we have gained. (For more information please see our website at )

    The film we are currently researching tells the stories of British servicemen in Iraq, from their perspective. We want to tell the story of the Iraq War through their letters, blogs, photographs and video footage, as captured by the servicemen themselves and their families. It has no commentary or editorialising and will cover their arrival, the war, the downtime, the shocks, being under fire, the Iraqis and going home.

    It aims to build up, together with personal and news archive, a complete picture of the soldiers’ experience. From the laughter and camaraderie to the professionalism as they have to react to different situations. It aims to be an all encompassing film, with contributions from all ranks and units. Our hope is that it becomes the film that people watch which tells their story.

    As a result, we would like to contact as many member of the Royal Navy and the Royal Marines who have served in Iraq, be they veterans, or families and friends, who may like to share their letters, blogs or video footage with us. In this way we hope to build up a strong picture of the war from the servicmen's perspective. I should mention that all information we receive is completely confidential at this stage, and how we use it is open to discussion.

    Everything we recieve is vitally important in gathering together and telling a story that is representative of the servicemens experiences in Iraq.

    I am more than happy to answer any queries that people may have. I can be reached at [email protected] (all joined no spaces) or via telephone on 01225 484 666.

    Many thanks again for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

    Morgana Pugh
  2. Re: BBC Documentary: From the soldier's perspective

    Hi Morgana,

    You may wish to contact the MOD and RN direct - contact details can be found via the RN Website:

    Royal Navy

    But the contact you really need is: Directorate of Defence Public Relations (Navy) tel 020 7218 2861

    The RN is usually more than happy to contribute to well-thought out and balanced documentaries.

    Serving personnel need permission to contact the media (including film producers and publishers), but ex-RN personnel should have no difficulties unless the Official Secrets Act is jeopardised.

    Just so everyone knows :wink:
  3. Re: BBC Documentary: From the soldier's perspective

    Dear Tattoo Dog and Rum Ration members,

    With regard to the message I posted about the BBC documentary that Touch Productions is producing, I wanted to quell a few worries that have cropped up.

    We are in discussions regarding this programme, and as we have a history of making documentaries in sensitive areas, we are fully aware of the importance of notifying the MoD of our intentions, and it is now going through the official channels.

    As this programme is in the early research stages, it is vital that we are in contact with as many servicemen, veterans and family and friends, who would be interested in telling their stories.
    We are going to tell the story of the war from the invasions right through until the present, through the letters, blogs, videos (phone and camera) and photographs that belong to the soldiers.

    I would like to assure you that any material recieved at this stage will be held in the strictest confidence, and will remain anonymous.
    If, at any point, we decided we would like to use your material, we would request your permission before doing so.

    It is totally understandable that people have doubts, but please allow me to assure you that we are trying to tell the story of the war from a very different perspective, one which relies entirely upon people's personal stories and experiences. We are looking to tell this story in a straightforward style.

    If you have any questions, or would like to discuss the programme with me, please do not hesitate to contact me at [email protected] (altogether, no spaces) or via telephone on 01225 484 666.

    Many thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you very soon.


    Touch Productions.
  4. Re: Documentary-Soldiers story of Iraq

    you mention soldiers in your post, why not consider saliors also as many including a large element of CHF and others based in Iraq now for atleast two years with many of CHF spending atleast 10 months out there in the last 24.
  5. Re: Documentary-Soldiers story of Iraq

    Probably making the usual media mistake of classing everying in uniform in a war zone as a soldier. Navy never gets any credit for our contribution.

    Very annoying habit.

  6. Re: Documentary-Soldiers story of Iraq

    Why is it automatically assumed that any person in Cammo gear is a Soldier?????
  7. Re: Documentary-Soldiers story of Iraq

    Be on your guard Jack, this is the same "Lefty" BBC that will hang you out to dry the minute that you make one non PC remark, or will catch you in an un guarded moment.
  8. Re: Documentary-Soldiers story of Iraq

    Bloody good point RoofRat. Never trust a journo.

  9. Re: Documentary-Soldiers story of Iraq

    i dont normal trust jurnos but having experienced the cock-ups at sellyoak/ medievac from theater the jurnos have got it correct for once, only shame is the government will not allow them to further investigate and publish further
  10. Re: Documentary-Soldiers story of Iraq

    Fcuking left wing bastards, shoot the twunts. Oooh, is that not a PC thing to say? :twisted: :lol:
  11. Re: Documentary-Soldiers story of Iraq

    I felt that I should resond to arising concerns over what we are looking for for this programme.

    This is a documentary for the BBC, but made by Touch Productions (see website at we have a long past of making history and military documentaries; you might remember the Simon Weston films to do with the Falklands; we made those.

    We are trying to make a documentary that tells the story of the war from those who served and continue to serve in Iraq.
    This includes everyone, we are trying to build a story from all perspectives; not solely the army.
    I should also add that anyone with concerns, may remain anonymous.

    Please allow me to assure you completely that anything we receive is held in the strictest confidence, and only myself and my producer will be viewing the material at this point. If you should like to discuss the project with me before sending anything; please feel free to contact me at [email protected] or call on 01225 484 666. It is totally understandable that you have worries about contacting "a journalist", but we are a documentary company that are concerned with telling a very important story.

    Many thanks
  12. Re: Documentary-Soldiers story of Iraq

    I fail to see the difference to be honest.
    However, my warning remains Shipmates, beware.
  13. Re: Documentary-Soldiers story of Iraq

    It should be reinforced though - serving personnel should have no contact with the media unless they have the permission of their CO. There is a JSP on the issue, the number doesn't pop into my head, but be very careful.

    All of us have dits we would like aired, but there could be repercussions.

    To be honest, I have reservations about this type of post being permitted on RR - I'm sure the MODs could advise further. There is a danger that members could implicate themselves without knowing.
  14. Re: Documentary-Soldiers story of Iraq

    Just to add that we have contact with the MoD about this programme and they are aware that we are making it, as well as they are aware of the posts I have been making on various forums.
    Please contact me if you have any worries.

  15. Re: Documentary-Soldiers story of Iraq

    Can you post contact information of the person & department at the MOD you are in contact with?
    This would allow anyone considering dealing with you to request permission through the normal naval channels.
  16. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Re: Documentary-Soldiers story of Iraq

    TattooDog's advice is good for now. Morgana has been up front (not all journalists who approach ARRSE (and now Rum Ration) are open about why they are posting.

    Those of you who are already 'outside' can probably get your fifteen minutes, those still serving, heed TattooDog and Angrydoc.

    PTP has experience in this area. I'll run it past him.


    Edited for spelling unbecoming. Bloody wireless keyboards.
  17. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Re: Documentary-Soldiers story of Iraq

    Further to my last, Morgana posted a similar request on ARRSE last month


    Part Time Pongo didn't intervene.
  18. Re: Documentary-Soldiers story of Iraq


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